How to Cancel Your Account with Choice Home Warranty

If you are cancelling Choice because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

If you are unsatisfied with Choice Home Warranty and want to cancel your account, you can always exercise that right, but it may come at a price…

Your contract with services like Choice Home Warranty has fine print that gives yourself and the company the right to cancel, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be without fees or customer service problems. If you are having trouble canceling your account, we can help. We explain the steps to take.

Choice Home Warranty Cancellation Policy

According to the terms and conditions and your user agreement, Choice Home Warranty lets you cancel your contract for any reason at any time. However, the fine print is rather difficult to understand and there’s no clear-cut answer on what your fees will be or what your refund might be.

If you cancel within the first 30 days of opening your account, you can get a refund for any amount you have paid.

If you cancel outside of the first 30 days because Choice Home Warranty hasn’t provided any Services, you will get a prorated refund. 

For example: If you are owed a refund of $300 and Choice Home Warranty has not provided any services, you will be refunded the full $300.

But if they have provided services you can still qualify for a prorated refund that is simply less than the contract fees Choice Home Warranty has already paid.

For example: If you are owed a refund of $300 but Choice Home Warranty has paid $125 in services to date, then your refund will be $175.

If Choice Home Warranty has provided services to you at the time you cancel your account, and the services are greater than the contract fees you have paid, then you owe them the difference when you cancel.

For example: If you have paid $200 in contract fees at the time of your account cancellation but Choice Home Warranty has provided $300 worth of services to you, you have to pay them the $100 difference.

In addition to all of these situations there is a $50 administrative fee for canceling your account.

Step by Step Guide to Cancel Your Account with Choice Home Warranty

In order to cancel your account, you have to contact customer service at 1 (888) 373-7924. Customer service will walk you through the steps you need to take to close your account. This is your opportunity to discuss what the fees will be based on your specific services and what services have been provided to you. You should receive confirmation once this is done and any final bills will be charged at the end of your next billing cycle. 

Common Disputes and Complaints when Cancelling

Of the many customer disputes and complaints filed against Choice Home Warranty with FairShake and organizations like the Better Business Bureau and consumer affairs, a lot of them have to do with billing issues, account problems, especially when it comes to closing your account.

  • Customers have complained about issues actually closing their account. Even though they have the right to close their account at any time, customer service can make it difficult for them to do so by focusing on alternatives instead of cancellation.
  • Other customers have faced unexpectedly high early termination fees, fees that they did not know we’re part of their contract or levied against their account until the charge came through.
  • Some customers have just complained about poor customer service and not getting their refunds on time.

Fees Associated with Cancellation

As mentioned, there is a $50 administrative fee when you choose to cancel your account. This applies to every account.

In addition to this you will face cancellation fees that have to do specifically with the services Choice Home Warranty has paid for and the amount of money you have contributed toward your account if you close before the end of your contract. 

What to do If You Are Unable to Cancel or Get Hit With Unnecessary Fees

 If you have tried to cancel your account, but they won’t let you, or Choice Home Warranty is overcharging you, let us help. You do have legal options against Choice Home Warranty. At FairShake we can help you take on big companies and make sure that you get the refund you deserve and can close your account successfully.

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