When Coinbase Customer Service Fails

How to Make the Coinbase Corporate Office Listen

A legal option that can get Coinbase to listen — and get you compensated.

When a large company lets you down, it can be extremely difficult to get your money back from them. This is the case with most companies these days, including Coinbase. If you have sent their corporate office dozens of emails, phone calls, and chat systems with little to no help in return, what steps can you take next?

Even if you have signed a contract with Coinbase, all is not lost. If you feel that the company is taking advantage of you, here is what you can do.

Use Arbitration to Settle Your Complaint with Coinbase

Coinbase specializes in brokering exchanges in digital currency, like bitcoin. When you do business with big companies like this, they may not have your best interests in mind. They might even reassure you that they will fix the problem, but never seem to get around to doing it.

Being led in circles is very frustrating. You might have even had the idea to take them to court to receive the compensation that you deserve, however, you were unable to due to a contract that the company had you sign. It might seem that there is nothing left to try- but don’t give up hope!

There is still another way you can pursue legal action against Coinbase. Independent arbitration is when an impartial arbitrator is hired to look at both sides of the argument and come up with a fair course of action. Their plan is legally binding, meaning that Coinbase will have to go along with it.

This is not the same as suing the company and you should still get a reasonable solution in your favor. If Coinbase has wronged you and you believe that you deserve compensation, arbitration is going to be your best course of action.

Arbitration is Fair, Just, Reasonable, and Transparent

Any arbitration cases handled by the American Arbitration Association will comply with the Statement of Principles of the Consumer Due Process Protocol. This is a collection of rules that state that:

  • The arbitration process must be fair to parties. (In this case, you and Coinbase.) The independent arbitrator that oversees the proceedings must be qualified, impartial, competent, and proven to conduct fair hearings.
  • A reasonable standard must be held during the entire process. This requires that both parties pay the same amount for the hearing, that the hearing is at an easy to access location, and that both parties receive all important information about the case.
  • A transparency standard will also be upheld. This means that the arbitration agreements must be clear and both parties are allowed to hire whoever they want to represent them.
  • An alternative to arbitration will need to be followed as well. This includes allowing mediation in small claims court to be made under specific circumstances.
  • The arbitration process must be just. This means that the arbitrator’s final decision will be legally binding- no matter which party it affects.

Arbitration Gives You Leverage Against Large Companies

When you send Coinbase a notice that you are pursuing arbitration, they are much more willing to negotiate with you and meet your demands, especially if they are reasonable. This is because they realize that they are responsible for paying for the process and your settlement/compensation.

If Coinbase would not fulfill your reasonable demands, you can get fair and transparent representation through arbitration. With FairShake, we will help you file- plus, we do not charge you anything unless we win the case.

However, be warned that arbitration should only be used for serious cases. If your case is considered frivolous during the process, you would be the one responsible for paying for everything. If you are simply annoyed with Coinbase’s service, do not use this method. If they made a mistake that harmed you financially, then arbitration is your best choice.

Leverage Leads to Faster Settlements and Resolution

Once arbitration is started, Coinbase has lost the advantage that comes with being a huge corporation. This puts you on equal ground with them, leading to faster settlements and a faster resolution.

If you want to get started, you need to formally raise the issue with Coinbase. FairShake would love to help you every step of the way.

We start by sending Coinbase a demand letter, this starts a 30-day countdown to when a settlement must be reached, or we will start the arbitration process. The countdown will be specific to you and any contracts you signed with the company.

In about half of arbitration cases, the company’s headquarters makes an acceptable settlement offer before the countdown runs out. If they make no offers, the next step will be to file your case with the American Arbitration Association. FairShake will gather the official paperwork for you and guide you through the process.

Do I Need an Attorney?

The arbitration will allow you to choose between hiring an attorney or representing yourself. But, when should you go alone or go with an attorney?

It’s easier to get a high settlement if your complaint is already covered under law or statute. Since this means you need to be aware of the laws in detail, an attorney would be very helpful. If you are representing yourself and need more information, the American Arbitration Association’s Pro Se Case Admin Team can help you greatly.

If your complaint deals with robocalls or improper debt collection, attorneys can help to maximize the amount you receive in a settlement.

What Can I do Next?

Your claim against Coinbase starts as soon as you tell us your complaint against them. With FairShake, we take the stress of arguing with a large corporation off your shoulders. Contact us today if you want help getting the fair resolution you deserve.

FairShake has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied or do not win your arbitration case, then you will not owe us a cent. Let us know how we can help and you won’t be disappointed!

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