How Do I Contact Coinbase?

The inside track to contact Coinbase execs. And what to do if they won’t listen…

Coinbase has been the subject of many disputes and bad publicity. Most recently they were the subject of a series of high-profile complaints having to do with fraudulent coinbase accounts. Your issue with the company might have to do with fraudulent accounts but it might instead have to do with hidden Coinbase fees in your account, or problems trying to close or cancel an account. Now you want to know what you can do to get a resolution.

You can start by reaching out to their main customer service line 1 (888) 908-7930. You can also use their chat function in the help section. 

However, if you are trying to figure out how to contact Coinbase, chances are you’ve already explored that option and now you need other customer service hacks that get you in touch with someone who can do something about your problem.

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How do I Contact a Real Person at Coinbase?

Here some customer service tips you can use to contact coinbase at their corporate office and get a hold of a real person who can potentially solve your issues:

Call the corporate office at (850) 487-9687. 

Coinbase has been in the news for a lot of problems with their new phone support line, set up after those fraudulent Coinbase account issues. 12000 complaints against the company have been filed with the Federal Trade Commission since 2016 and the special phone numbers they created for account problems were only available to people with actively locked accounts, so those people whose accounts had been hacked. Customers said that even then it was impossible to get a hold of someone to get a resolution.

You can use this corporate number to call the Coinbase corporate office in Florida. Be aware that some customers have gotten hostel responses when they tried this number, but it is more likely to get you in touch with a real person who can actually solve your problems. 

Try social media. 

Many companies have a big social media presence and actively respond to people who retweet them or send messages about problems. Unfortunately coinbase is not one of them. They don’t have a good history of responding to people’s tweets, and they don’t really interact with their customers on social media. They also don’t list any alternative contact information on their Facebook page which probably means they don’t have dedicated staff to manage social media communication. But that doesn’t mean you can’t send a private message about your issue in hopes that they respond.

How do I Contact Coinbase with a Legal Complaint?

Chances are regular customer service, even the corporate office, won’t fix your problem. And when that happens, it can be very frustrating to know where you can turn. Your user agreement probably contains language that restricts the legal options you have when things go wrong.

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Start Your Claim

Most users find that they can’t join Coinbase lawsuits, especially class action lawsuits. But there are still two legal options at your disposal when you need dispute help against Coinbase.

1) The first is to start small claims court proceedings. 

In order to start a lawsuit in small claims courts, you have to send a letter to their corporate office. Finding the corporate office address and knowing what steps to follow can be complicated but this is generally a good option for people whose cases qualify.

2) The second is to send a demand letter initiating consumer arbitration. 

Another option is to use consumer arbitration. Arbitration is a type of dispute resolution. When you use this process, you can get our help filing the demand letter and getting in touch with the independent arbitrator who will oversee the case. Customers who have had serious problems and lost a substantial amount of money have found this a good route for compensation, especially when customer service won’t do anything.

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