Complaints Against Comcast

What do customers complain about the most with Comcast? We explore the most common complaints against Comcast and what you can do if you have a complaint, too. 

Are you a Comcast customer that is tired of the poor quality of service that you get?  Are you paying for internet service that constantly cuts out or just doesn’t work at all?  Are you frustrated by customer service representatives that are unhelpful and unfriendly? If this is your experience with Comcast, you are not alone.

Over the past three years, Comcast Corporation had almost 25,000 complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau. In fact, the BBB has a warning for the complaints against Comcast which states:

Customer Complaint: Please be advised that due to the high volume of complaints received for this business, BBB publishes 1 out of every 100 complaints handled through our conciliation process.”

The top grievances against Comcast

  1. Problems with Comcast products and service
  2. Unfair billing practices and errors
  3. Misleading advertising

If you are tired of paying for service that you don’t receive or didn’t sign up for, we may be able to help you.  FairShake helps Comcast customers take effective action against internet, telephone, and cable providers. Take a look at our consumer guides to find similar issues with other telecom companies.

Problems with Comcast products and services

“Since the day I had Comcast install my high speed internet, my WIFI has been terrible. I’ve had weak spotty signal strength that dropped my phone call, Streaming services and booted me off the internet.”

-Anonymous Complaint

  1. Internet connectivity problems – Complaints range from internet connections dropping or customers losing connection completely.   Some internet outages can last for days. Customers are frustrated that they can’t resolve these technical issues over the phone or have to wait days for a technician to come out to fix the problem.
  2. Equipment not working or the wrong equipment was sent – Customers complain about modems, home security equipment, and phones not working properly.  Some are sent replacement equipment that doesn’t work properly either.
  3. Poor customer service – Rude or unresponsive customer service is a frequent complaint.  Promises to fix billing problems are often not done. When the customer reviews their next month’s bill, they have to call and go through the whole story with another representative again.

Unfair billing practices and errors

Customers complain that Comcast bills them for services and fees that they didn’t agree to.

  1. No credit when equipment is returned
  2. Customer see their monthly charges increase for no reason when they review their bill
  3. Early termination fees are charged even when customers are assured that they will not be

Recently, Comcast settled a $15 million dollar class-action lawsuit over set-top box rental fees.  Comcast would not support purchased set-top boxes, so customers were forced to rent them from Comcast directly if they had premium service.  You can read more about this and other Comcast lawsuits here.

Misleading advertising

“I was misled by Comcast regarding ‘temporary’ rates, and have been charge a 300% increase for several months.”

-Anonymous Complaint

Frustrated customers say that they were given one price when they sign up for a new promotion but are charged something different when they review their bill.   Other customers say that they were told the wrong information when they signed up. They don’t get the television stations they want or internet speeds are lower than what they were told.  Customers also complain that they have additional channels or services tacked onto their bill that they weren’t told about.

If you have tried to resolve your problems with Comcast and are getting nowhere, you can get help. FairShake works with consumers to file claims against Comcast.

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