How to Cancel Xfinity

If you are cancelling your Xfinity service because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

Maybe you decided to use Xfinity for access to the internet. Or maybe you’re using it to stream and watch television. Maybe your cellphone utilizes Xfinity — or even your home phone or smart security system. Whatever the services you might use Xfinity for, there are plenty of reasons why you might seek to end your subscription so that you can use a different provider for any one of these services.

If that’s the case, don’t be fooled — Xfinity’s parent company is Comcast, and you might find yourself dealing with Comcast representatives before this is all said and done to your satisfaction.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

When you’re ready to cancel your Xfinity subscription for whatever reason, prepare yourself for a battle with the customer service representative. These Comcast employees are trained to do whatever it takes to keep you from canceling, including offering you enticing packages, discounts, and deals that are designed to keep you from cutting the cord.

The most effective way to get in contact with someone at Xfinity is to call 1 (800) 934-6489. This should lead you to prompts to cancel your service — and get in contact with an actual representative. 

Since representatives are so adept at getting dissatisfied customers to keep their services, it’s your responsibility to continue to push back to get your services discontinued. If you need to, tell the representative that you are moving to a town or country that does not support Xfinity or Comcast. If the representative asks you to specify where that might be, plead ignorance. Remember — you do not owe the representative any additional information other than the fact that you want to end your service.

Will I Be Charged a Fee if I Cancel?

Xfinity may charge you a fee to cancel your subscription or services, especially if it is before the original ending date of your contract. Most of the time, this fee will be calculated by multiplying $10 per month that remains on the contract.

For example: if you have seven months remaining on the contract, you might be expected to pay $70 to end your agreement with Xfinity.

What Should I Do if They Won’t Let Me Cancel But I Can’t Afford or Use the Service Right Now?

If you’ve exhausted your options, don’t despair — you still have opportunities to cancel Xfinity if you need to.

Frustrated with how you’ve been treated — or your lack of progress — when trying to end your subscription to Xfinity’s services? You’re not alone. Xfinity — and its parent company, Comcast — are big corporations that organizations like FairShake are dedicated to standing up to. We don’t think it’s fair that companies think they should be able to walk all over their customers. That’s why we want to be in your corner if you decide you want to stand your ground against Xfinity’s unfair practices. Start your case against Xfinity with the help of the competent and responsive team at FairShake.

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