How to Lower Your Comcast Bill

Does your Xfinity bill seem like it is too high? We show you the ways to reduce your bill. 

Are you having trouble paying your bill from Comcast Xfinity? Maybe there are things you don’t understand about your bill or the cost for your unchanged services just seems to be increasing each time you turn around. 

Whatever the reason, you need to know how to reduce your bill from Comcast and fast. We explain some of the main steps to take. 

Check Your Monthly Bill

The first thing you need to do is check your monthly Comcast Xfinity internet bill. You should know what you are being charged every month and why. One of the most common complaints against big companies like Comcast have to do with billing errors. 

Customers have lodged Comcast Xfinity complaints about errors on their bills, errors which amount to tens if not hundreds of dollars more than what they agreed to pay. How is this possible?

1. Many customers have issues with their contracts. 

For example: When customers sign up with a new contract, they are not always told that the prices to which they agree are temporary. Many 2 year contracts have a stipulation that at the one-year mark that contract price changes. So customers are surprised to find that their bill has gone up significantly after the first 12 months of service even though their services haven’t changed.

2. Customers have issues with their services. 

For example: When customers sign up for extra services because of a deal or promotion, it might include free things like access to extra speeds or channels in a bundle package. However, the fine print in many contracts says that these free things are only free for an average of 3 months after which time you are automatically billed. In cases like these customer service does not make it clear that the price will change and most people accept extra services without necessarily wanting them but that ambivalence costs them when their bill suddenly increases. 

3. Customers face issues when they cancel their service. 

For example: Customers have tried to cancel their service or part of their service only to see very high Comcast cancellation fees. Comcast will charge you a fee for every month that remains in your contract and they might even charge you with a fee for failing to return equipment even if you mailed the equipment.

Reduce Your Services

If you have reviewed your bill and you don’t see any issues, another way that you can learn how to reduce your bill from Comcast is to check out your services and reduce them. You might decide to reduce high speed internet or extra connections within your home, services that you don’t need. You might even reduce extra channels or streaming features with the television package that you don’t need.

Look over your bill and see specifically which items you don’t need to be paying for. Chances are there’s at least one thing that was added at some point, but you haven’t used it in months or years. And that one thing can go. Try to contact Comcast Xfinity customer service at (800) 934-6489 or through their online customer service at https://www.xfinity.com/xfinityassistant/. 

Negotiate with Comcast

Recent news indicates that Comcast Xfinity customers nationwide saw an increase starting Dec. 20th, 2021 of 3% on their bills. If you are one of those people who simply can’t afford an increase, you can try to negotiate with Comcast.

Call their customer service line and let them know that you are considering moving your services to a competitor, and politely ask them what they might be able to do to help you reduce your bill in order to continue with Comcast.

Customer retention departments are trained to offer discounts and deals on monthly bills in order to keep your service. You might get things like $15 off your monthly bill depending on your package or free channels or free upgrades using the same service you pay for now.

Comcast Xfinity Deals and Discounts

There are some Comcast deals and discounts that you can use depending on your situation.

  • Military discounts give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to pausing or canceling your service because of deployments and discounts once you have confirmed your active duty status. 
  • Teacher discounts are designed to help teachers in a pandemic-world where many have turned to online teaching. The Comcast teacher discounts offer faster service at reduced rates once you have confirmed your status as a teacher.
  • Low-income discounts give qualifying low-income individuals access to necessary services including basic phone, internet, and television services.

If none of these apply to your circumstances, you can look out for regular promotions. In an attempt to get new customers Comcast will regularly offer different promotions that vary from time to time. If one of these promotions is a better deal than what you have, you can contact customer service to see if they will apply the discounted promotion rate to your account even if you are an existing customer. 

What if Comcast Owes You Money?

Maybe Comcast charged you more than you owed or they told you your bill would be one amount but it was always much higher. If that’s the case, you might be entitled to compensation and FairShake and help you make an official legal claim.

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