Xfinity: What You Should Be Paying For Cable Or Satellite TV

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If you like lots of perks with your cable provider, then you’ll want to see what Xfinity is currently offering. They’re known for all their promotions, and if you catch them at the right moment, you’ll be able to save some serious cash. With that being said, knowing what you’re getting for your money is key to finding the best cable provider. 

Below you will find all the details about Xfinity’s different packages and ways you can cut costs if you are already locked into an agreement with another provider. 

Xfinity TV Plans and Bundles 

When choosing Xfinity, you’ll have many options to choose from. However, their channel lineups and availability are strictly based on your region. You’ll want to make sure you check out everything they are currently offering where you live and see if their offers meet your standards.   

Here are Xfinity’s Four Packages with Options:

Table showing Xfinity prices by package type.

Note: All of Xfinity’s packages come with a no-term agreement plan. However, they are continuously offering multiple promotions that lock you in for a certain amount of months to receive better pricing or promotional channels. 

Plus, there is an installation fee whether you have somebody come out and professionally install it ($89.99), or if you choose the self-install kit for $15.00.   

Xfinity is known for having multiple promotions throughout the year, and often you will find a deal that offers free installation. So if you’re not in a big hurry, keep an eye out for those types of promotions. 

How Xfinity Prices Compare 

As with some of the other providers, if you’re cool with a 12 month contract, then Xfinity’s package prices and the actual costs per channel aren’t too bad. However, if you’re looking for a no-term agreement plan, then you’ll probably have to pay upwards of 33% more for any cable package from Xfinity. 

Keep in mind that Xfinity is priced by region, and the above chart is based on the Northeastern region. So if you live in the Western part of the US or the Central, your pricing might be higher or lower depending on Xfinity’s current plans for your region. 

Oddly enough, for people residing in the northeast region, Xfinity’s three plans have a higher channel count than those offered for the Central and Western packages in the US. In fact, two of Xfinity’s plans, the Digital Preferred and Digital Premier, actually have the average monthly cable costs that rival some of the other major competitors.

Even if you chose the no-term agreement package, the premium still allows the Northeast customers to receive a wider selection of channels, plus more freedom with the pricing options. 

What to Do if You’re Paying Too Much Right Now

If your average monthly cable cost is more than you want to pay each month, then below you will find some tips and suggestions to reduce your monthly cable costs. If you are in a contract with a penalty for early termination, then we have the perfect solutions for lowering your costs without breaking your agreement. 

If you want to save some cash and are willing to make a few changes, then here are our best tips to cut some cable costs:

  • Examine Your Monthly Fees – Each month; you should review your monthly cable costs and see if there are any fees or charges that you don’t recognize. It’s not unusual for a cable provider to charge you standard fees that don’t apply to your current services. Some providers are known to slap on a monthly fee to every customer’s monthly bill for the HD service. However, many customers don’t have any equipment in their homes that would benefit from this service type. If you call customer service and question all the fees that don’t look familiar to you, you might be able to reduce your monthly cable cost.  
  • Lose the Premium Channels – When you first signed up for your monthly cable service, you might have received some premium channels for free for a limited time. However, after that promotion expired, you are continuing to receive those premium channels at a premium price tag. You need to contact your provider’s customer service and ask that they remove all the premium channels that cost you extra each month. This alone can save you a lot of cash. If you enjoy watching a premium channel like HBO, keep it. But be sure to get rid of all the other premium channels that you don’t watch.  
  • Go Small – Just like the premium channels, you were probably convinced that having as many cable channels as possible is the best way to go. You may even have heard the sales pitch ‘it’s only $20 more per month’ for a bunch of channels that you never even watch. Now is the perfect time to downsize your monthly package and pick a plan that is lower in costs and only offers you the channels you need. 
  • Drop Down to Just One Cable Box – If every room in your house has a cable box, you’re paying a pretty decent amount of cash each month just to have those extra cable boxes. Try to figure out the minimum amount of cable boxes you really need, and then send the other boxes back. You’ll see a big difference in your monthly costs! 
  • Plan to Negotiate – Every provider has some wiggle room when it comes to keeping their customers happy. You can call and ask for reduced savings each month to keep your current service or see what they might offer you in the negotiation. 

Just make sure you know what’s in the fine print of your current provider’s plan. For example, Xfinity will charge you $10 per month on your remaining contract if you choose to cancel it before your contract expires. This fee is lower than some of the other companies, but that can still add up to a decent amount of cash.   

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