AT&T’s “License to Steal?”

Customers are being overcharged, but will AT&T listen?

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Feel like your wireless bill is a scam? If you’re with AT&T, you’re not alone.

CBS News turned up angry customers who say they were misled with a good deal while signing up, only to be hit with hidden fees afterward.

And at FairShake we’ve heard from thousands of customers with issues like being lied to by sales reps or the company not honoring promised deals such as buyouts or BOGOs.

If you were taken advantage of by AT&T, we feel your pain — you can make a claim against AT&T for compensation!


From CBS News:

NEW YORK — Gary Raia signed up for an AT&T promotion — internet and DirecTV for around a $100 a month for two years. When his first bill in July was nearly double that, he complained to AT&T…

“Every month you open up your envelope and you go, ‘OK, what’s the surprise this month?'”…

Paul Bland is a lawyer who specializes in consumer law. He told CBS News all of AT&T’s contracts require customers to use arbitration — paid for by AT&T…

“So it turns out to be a license to steal,” he said. “In my experience, when a large company has a lot of consumers coming forward and saying we feel like we were bait and switched. We were promised one thing and then we got something else. The company knows about it.”

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