8 Major Scams Comcast Could Be Pulling On You

Published on May 28, 2018 by the FairShake Team

If you’re a Comcast customer, there’s a good chance the company has treated you in a way that’s frustrating, or just plain unfair. Based on the latest news from across the web, we’ve put together a list of the 8 biggest scams Comcast may be pulling. Read more, or you can start your own claim right now.


Here are some of the scams Comcast runs:

  1. Fraudulent repair plan: Comcast is being sued by the state of Washington under charges that its “Service Protection Plan” was improperly added to customer accounts without their permission.

  2. “Stuffing” bills with unneeded services: Comcast has been fined over $2 million dollars by the federal government for charging customers for products and services they never requested.

  3. Hidden fees and deceptive advertising: California consumers are claiming Comcast engaged in a “massive illegal scheme” by adding billions in “content” fees to cable bills that weren’t disclosed on the terms of service contract.

  4. Improper credit checks: An action in Illinois claims that Comcast has been running credit checks on some new customers, potentially impacting their credit scores, even after they paid a deposit specifically to avoid a credit check!

  5. Crazy cancellation fees: One small business owner tells the two-year saga of trying to get an $1800 cancellation fee refunded.

  6. Reps that won’t let you cancel: A few years ago, this call went viral of a subscriber’s head banging interactions with a Comcast telemarketer who wouldn’t cancel his account.

  7. Lying about internet speeds: According to the advertising agency’s internal watchdog, Comcast’s advertisements lied when claiming to have “the fastest internet”; they were asked to stop the ads because the claim misled customers.

  8. Plans to create an internet “slow lane”: In opposition to “net neutrality” protests, a Comcast lobbyist was quoted saying that “something might come along” that supported some internet traffic reaching you faster than others.

Have you been a victim of these scams, or a different Comcast issue? We want to hear from you!

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