Subscription scam? Can they do that? Not in our state!

Published on April 23, 2018 by the FairShake Team

Nobody likes getting hit with monthly charges they never agreed to.

What we didn’t know until now is that when companies do this in California, we can fight back.

California’s law against auto-renewal scams is only getting stronger. And one of the frequent violators is credit score giant Experian.

Is Experian charging you subscription fees you never wanted? We want to hear from you!

From Philly.com:

One of the dirty little secrets about the credit-reporting industry is how it profits from consumers’ pain – even when its own practices are among the causes. Now Mississippi’s attorney general, Jim Hood, has brought that issue to the forefront, with a lawsuit that accuses Experian of “knowingly including error-riddled data in the credit files of millions of Americans,” according to this AP report, and then turning around and selling costly “credit monitoring” services to the same people to protect them from harm.

“Experian has turned its failures to maintain accurate credit reports and its refusal to investigate consumer disputes into a business opportunity,” Hood said said in a statement.  Hood, a Democrat, filed the suit quietly last month in state court – much of it sealed or redacted from the public record as proprietary. It was moved to federal court…

(Image courtesy of Got Credit, https://www.gotcredit.com/)

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