US Government takes on Comcast for $3 billion

Published on April 24, 2018 by the FairShake Team

Feel like your cable and internet company is lying to you? You’re not the only one.

Comcast is being sued by Washington’s Attorney General for a “pattern of deceptive practices” in marketing their Xfinity service.

This could matter for you, because it means customers whose contracts included a Service Protection Plan can make a claim for money back!


Have a dispute with Comcast? File a claim.From Philly.com :

A Washington state judge has declined to throw out a lawsuit filed by that state’s attorney general that claims Comcast Corp. deceived customers with its “Comcast Guarantee” and violated consumer-protection laws almost two million times.…

Among other claims, Ferguson’s lawsuit says Comcast “grossly misrepresented” its Service Protection Plan and violated the state’s Consumer Protection Act. The suit says that the protection plan is presented as “comprehensive” coverage to wiring repairs inside a home, but that it does not include wiring within the walls of a home.

 “Likewise,” the suit says, “although Comcast claimed the [Service Protection Plan] covers all service calls related to customer-owned equipment, it does not cover any actual repairs relating to customer equipment. It simply covers the technician visiting the customer’s house and declaring that the customer’s equipment is broken.”

Abused by Comcast? Want to claim money? Submit your claim today!

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