How Do I Contact Cricket?

The inside track to contact Cricket execs. And what to do if they won’t listen…

A lot of customer complaints have to do with slow 5G from Cricket, and not being able to get compensation when they paid for 5G connection and didn’t get it. Maybe your issue has to do with this service problem as well. You tried to get a 5G connection, but now you’re being billed for a service that you can’t enjoy.

Whether it’s a problem with refunds, a salesperson misleading you, or billing issues, you are not alone in your frustration. Many other customers want to know what they can do to file a complaint against Cricket, especially when there are problems with service. Cricket false advertising is one of the most prolific complaints against Cricket Wireless.

You can start by reaching out to their main customer service line at 1 (800) 274-2538 or 611 from your phone. You can also use their chat function online. 

However, if you’re trying to figure out how to contact Cricket, chances are you’ve already tried that line with little to no success.

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How do I Contact a Real Person at Cricket for help?

If you are struggling to contact a real person at Cricket, there are a few other options you can explore.

Call their claims office at 1-855-309-8342. 

You will be hard-pressed to find any type of Cricket corporate office number aside from the claims office. The claims office is where they handle flames usually to do with insurance or damaged products. This office is a good place to start if the regular customer service number isn’t giving you the help you need.

Reach out on social media.

Cricket Wireless has a Facebook page where they tend to only post marketing content, but customers regularly leave comments especially complaining about their service interruption and the quality of the phones they get. A lot of customers have also complained that they don’t have any reliable customer service directly as a comment on Facebook. Cricket Wireless does have someone who responds to these comments. They typically ask people to send him a private message including specific account information like their wireless number and current address so that they can follow up with better solutions. 

They do the same thing on Twitter but if you look hard enough it’s easy to see that the response they post to any customer complaint on Twitter or any tweet involving their service is boilerplate. This doesn’t mean you won’t get in touch with anyone, it just means you are unlikely to get as authentic and personal a response as you expect.

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How do I Contact Cricket with a Legal Complaint?

When customer service doesn’t solve your problem, you can file a complaint against Cricket. From many dissatisfied Cricket customers, the next step is starting a legal process. If you want to sue Cricket Wireless and started legal process, you have two options:

The first is to sue them in small claims court.

Sending a demand letter to the Cricket corporate office at their legal address is the first step in starting a small claims court process. You can learn how to sue Cricket in small claims court, and if you follow everything exactly, it usually helps customers get what they want.

The second is to use arbitration.

Arbitration is a type of dispute resolution where you use an independent arbitrator instead of going to court. To start arbitration you have to contact Cricket Wireless at their legal address and serve them a legal notice. Usually starting arbitration can force the company to act because they know it will save the money to resolve the issue now rather than go through the entire arbitration process. So, customers with significant complaints against companies like Cricket Wireless can usually get compensation.

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