Complaints Against Curb Taxi

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More and more companies are trying to make having to hail a taxi on the street a thing of the past. Curb, a smartphone app, allows users to hail a licensed taxi cab, avoiding issues that other ride sharing apps had with city contracts and regulations. People who use Curb can book rides up to a day in advance and pay either with their card or through cash directly to the driver.

However, there have been numerous complaints lodged against Curb, taking what may have started out as a good idea and transforming it into a logistical nightmare. Many passengers have been left high and dry for a variety of issues — chief among them Curb’s failure to address the situations that make it so problematic.

Though complaints against the Curb app’s service are numerous, most of them fall into the following categories:


Most taxi companies use a fare meter to be up front about the costs of a ride. However, Curb has issues with transparency on charges, fees, account holds, and much more, passengers report.

  • High fees to use a credit card with app.
  • Not accepting a credit card that is accepted in other forms of payment.
  • Unexpected and poorly disclosed fees for requesting advance service.
  • Difficulty in tipping drivers.

Technical issues

Apps are supposed to make our lives easier. When glitches get in the way of convenience, however, Curb can become a headache for everyone involved, leading to missed appointments, events, travel plans, and much more.

  • App fails to communicate with technology in cabs, resulting in inability for passenger to pay or communicate with customer service representatives.
  • Failure to properly interact with fare meters, resulting in rides that are much more expensive than advertised.
  • App freezing when passengers attempting to use, download, or submit payment.
  • App slows when using, delaying services and payments.
  • App drains smartphone batteries by enabling GPS even when not in use.
  • Difficulty in distinguishing riders who are close together, leading to confusing and conflicting charges for other passengers’ rides.

Customer service

When your business depends on customers using your service, you should prioritize their care and comfort above all else. However, Curb has a track record of not being there for those who need them the most.

  • Rides never showing up with charges still in place on accounts.
  • Rude drivers who do little to work with passengers through the app.
  • Difficulty in canceling rides.
  • Inability to get realtime answers from Curb customer service and support representatives.

You deserve to get to your destination safely, affordably, and successfully — and without having to stress about glitches, account issues, payment, or how you will get to the places you need to go. FairShake can help you get started on your complaint — and get you back on the road again — here.

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