How to Cancel Your Account with DISH Network

If you are cancelling your DISH Network service because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

Are you looking to cancel your account with Dish Network? Maybe they have provided services that didn’t live up to expectations, or you are tired of dealing with increases for your bill. Whatever the reason, we explain a step-by-step guide or how to cancel your account.

DISH Network offers a decently flexible cancellation policy in that you have the ability to cancel at any time. However, you will pay literally for the privilege of being able to cancel.

Cancellation policy

Dish Network goes out of its way to retain all of its customers so if you think you want to cancel your account with Dish Network, they do have a few solutions that might fit your situation before you decide to follow through with cancellation:

  • First, you can pause your surface. If you simply need a break from your bills, Dish Network is one of the few companies that will let you pause your service simply because. If you call 888-876-7918, we can speak with a customer service representative about pausing your service and putting it on hold until you’re ready to use it again. Most television companies require that you be going out of town or going on vacation in order to suspend your service, but not dish.
  • Second, even though they don’t advertise this to regular customers who are just using the service, as soon as you decide you want to cancel your account with Dish Network they will offer you a variety of programs to lower your bill permanently while keeping whatever channels you have. In order to try this option, you can call customer service at 866-974-3285.
  • If you are moving, they offer a special move in deal if you decide to keep your existing service and have it installed at your new home. This move in deal gives you things like free installation, equipment upgrades for free, and 3 months of free packages like showtime and sports channels. If you are interested in this alternative you can call 877-839-2110.

Step-by-step guide to cancel

If none of these work for you and you truly want to cancel your account with Dish Network, you have to call customer service as the account holder to cancel.

  • Call 866-974-0769 between 8 a.m. and midnight Eastern Standard Time, 7 days a week.
  • The customer service representative will help you cancel your existing service. They will also explain what steps you have to follow to return any equipment that you are renting from the company.
  • After that, you will receive your final bill along with any credit balances you have assuming the equipment was returned.

Common disputes and complaints when canceling

When canceling, some of the most common complaints are simply getting past from customer service representative to customer service representatives, and finding a very difficult time getting the account to finally be canceled.

The account cancellation fees, however, account for the biggest number of complaints because Dish Network will charge some of the highest cancellation fees that are prorated for every month remaining in your contract. Customers who have multiple services end up being charged a prorated amount for each service, for each month that remains.

Again, each piece of equipment which Dish Network claims they didn’t receive after you cancel your account will amount to a very hefty fee, with some of the components being $50 and other components being upwards of $350. It’s easy to see why so many customers have complained about returning the equipment but then being told they never returned the equipment, and being charged for it once their final bill comes around.

Fees associated with canceling

Dish Network has a range of account cancellation fees. So even though they make it very easy for you to cancel, they also charge you for it. The early termination fees for new customers can be up to $480, Dishnet Wireline can be up to $240, Dishnet satellite can be up to $420, DISH’n it up can be up to $480, the preferred customer offer cancellation fee can be up to $240, a new customer cancellation fee can be up to $480. Credit with commitment can result in early termination fees between $120 or $240.

With all of these fees they are prorated for each month that remains in your commitment. So, if you have two services and you have 12 months remaining in your contract, canceling your account with Dish Network because they increased your service fees at the 12-month mark, you will be charged a prorated amount for all of the 12 remaining months in your contract, for each individual service you have.

Unreturned TV equipment comes with its own range of cost. Each item has a different cost and if the item is not received, even though you paid a rental fee for each month of your contract, Dish Network will charge you the full amount. the list of equipment by name and the total cost you will be charged is below:



Hopper 3


Hopper with Sling




Hopper Duo


4K Joey


Super Joey


Wired Joey


Wireless Joey






Smart Card


What to do if you are unable to cancel or incur fees for canceling

If you have reached out to customer service and they didn’t let you cancel your account, or you incurred fees that were unexpected or excessive for canceling your account, we can help. At FairShake we help you avoid fees you don’t deserve.

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