Would a DISH Network Lawsuit Help You?

Your contract with DISH Network may limit your ability to sue. Arbitration is often cheaper and faster than small claims court, and FairShake makes the process as easy as possible.

DISH Network provides TV and internet services for millions of Americans across the country. However, this doesn’t actually mean their a top-tier company – in many cases, Americans are forced to choose them because of cable or networking limitations for their geographic area.

Thus, it’s no surprise that plenty of customers have grievances against DISH, and mostly for issues that DISH could solve. The trouble is that, even if DISH is provably wrong and how they’ve treated you or in some mistake they’ve made, it’s difficult to get a lawsuit going because of certain clauses in your contract.

But all is not lost. You can actually still pursue legal action against DISH through one of two ways:

  • The first is filing a small claims court lawsuit. This lawsuit doesn’t produce the same compensation as a regular lawsuit, but it’s one of the best ways to get DISH to actually pay attention to your grievance and take you seriously
  • Alternatively, you can file for consumer arbitration. A third-party arbitrator can mediate the dispute between you and DISH. FairShake has a lot of experience in this area and can be of great assistance for any consumer arbitration case

What Does DISH Network Do Wrong?

DISH Network has huge issues across many of its departments, and this is clearer nowhere better than the Better Business Bureau. It collects thousands of complaints against DISH and similar companies and breaks down those complaints by category. As you can see, most of DISH’s customer complaints have to do with a direct problem with a product or service (i.e. they receive something broken or a service doesn’t work as advertised), a problem with billing and collections, or a problem with advertising and sales (likely with them being misleading).

  • Advertising/Sales: 7%
  • Billing/Collections: 34%
  • Delivery Issues: 2.6%
  • Guarantee/Warranty: 0.05%
  • Problem with a Product or Service: 56%

Thousands of Americans have filed complaints against DISH network in the past, only to give up shortly after when they find that the issue seems hopeless. But it’s not.

What Situations Might Lead to a DISH Network Lawsuit?

DISH Network might do any number of things that could lead you to want to press a lawsuit. Here are just a few of the shady practices in which they engage.

False or Misleading Advertising

DISH is hardly alone in this issue, but they may engage in false or misleading advertising, particularly when it comes to their advertisements or their promotional materials. For instance, some customers have experienced scenarios where they thought they’d be getting a specific speed of Internet access, only to find out after installation that their download speed is limited because of geographic issues.

Misleading Charges when Terminating a DISH Network Account

Plenty of DISH customers also experience misleading charges whenever they try to terminate their accounts. For instance, they might try to cancel their DISH subscription, only to find new charges levied against them for unclear reasons. These “mystery” fees can end up costing up to hundreds of dollars and make cancellation and unattractive prospect.

Continuing to Charge You After Account Cancellation

Even worse, some DISH customers have found that the company will keep charging them for services they no longer receive. How unfair is it to keep being charged for Internet or cable TV when you aren’t getting those services from the company in question?

Make It Impossible to Cancel Your Account

Sometimes, you just want to change cable or Internet providers. But big companies like DISH often make this difficult, if not impossible, either through complex cancellation schemes that take a long time to understand or through pushy customer service reps that try to upsell you instead of just letting you cancel your account.

Sudden and Misleading Changes to Your Account

Even outside of mysterious cancellation charges, DISH might experience weird or misleading charges while they still are receiving one or more services from DISH Network. For instance, you might be charged twice for something, or charged for a more expensive service package that you never requested or were even interested in.

Negative Impacts to Your Credit Rating

One of the larger negative side effects of DISH’s shady business dealings is the impact their treatment can have on your credit report. Since your credit report impacts the types of loans you can take out and the financial freedom you’ll have in the future, DISH adding additional charges to your account or treating your account as still open even after you’ve canceled can have ramifications long after you’ve left them behind.

Your Account Goes to Collections for Money You Don’t Owe

Sometimes, DISH customers get called by the company’s collections department, demanding that they pay for things that they don’t actually owe. Not only is this uncharitable and frustrating for the customer, but it’s actually illegal – this is something that DISH absolutely shouldn’t be able to get away with.

DISH Network “Can’t Verify” Employee Promises

Another annoying incident many DISH customers experience involves employee promises or promotional offers. In many cases, DISH or their customer service reps will try to avoid honoring an agreement they made in an attempt to save money or because they “can’t verify that such a promotion actually existed”. In these cases, the gaslighting can be as obnoxious as the money you’ll have to pay.

Poor Business Practices

DISH Network is bad, but this company is only part of the problem. In reality, practically all big corporations try to pull this kind of stuff with their customers all the time. These bad business practices are no longer guaranteed to put DISH and those like them out of business. Furthermore, their contracts often include clauses to prevent their customers from taking them to court.

However, FairShake is ready and willing to help you take the fight to companies like DISH Network. With our help, you can develop an ironclad consumer arbitration or small claims court case. In either respect, we can provide you with the materials and legal know-how to make sure you get a resolution you deserve.

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