Reviews and Ratings for DISH Network

Is DISH Network Worth the Money?

Are you switching TV providers because of an outstanding dispute? You have a legal option that can get DISH Network, or another company, to listen to your complaint and give you a fair resolution.

Not sure whether DISH Network is really a good service provider? Do you want more information on what they have to offer, but their customer service is like when things go wrong? You come to the right place. To help you make an informed decision we’ve gathered some information on reviews and ratings for Dish Network taken from multiple sources to paint a better picture of what they are all about.

About DISH Network

Dish Network is a television provider that offers things like television packages with things such as DVR storage that can record up to 16 shows at the same time. they function as one of the leaders in DVR features that can hold up to 2,000 hours of HDR programs. It is a satellite television service specifically so it’s only meant for those who want satellite.

Ratings for DISH Network

According to, Dish Network has ranked 2.5 out of 5 stars. The Better Business Bureau says 1.5 out of 5 stars while Consumer Affairs says 1 out of 5.

DISH Customer Service Reviews

But do they really live up to the hype? Their customer service reviews indicate that they are one of the top providers of satellite television for customer service. They have scored above average for every region in which they offered television according to the JD Powers satisfaction survey. For the northern Central and Southern regions they were voted the top provider of satellite television.

Their customer service seems to address within their capacity, issues promptly. One customer noted, “I’ve had DISH since 2000 and have had very few problems with them or their products. I recently had the 722 Receiver and had only one problem with it. This problem was corrected immediately over the phone.”

However, when there are issues, especially repeating issues, customers have problems getting help quickly because the customer service reps with whom they speak always seem to be very kind but lacking any authority to make real changes or as one customer stated: “We have had problems with the picture and audio freezing up, on recordings and live video. We first had the problem a year ago. Called customer service about it, they have always been nice to talk to, but they always go through the same checks each time. “

Customer Complaints About DISH Network

Customer complaints about Dish Network taken across multiple sources paint a similar picture of situations where customer service representatives offered certain guarantees or price points that were then not honored by the company. Unfortunately such misleading tactics even though they may have been accidents on behalf of the representatives in question, still resulted in the customers having to pay for the mistake.

As one customer put it: “Employee stated a price for 3 to 4 days ago. She said it would be better to wait and pay until the coming bill was due so as not to lose those days at higher pkg. Was assured all the info would be there when I called back, It wasn’t, I ask them repeatedly to go listen to the recording of our conversation. Was told she had no authority to give that price, NOW this is their employee. Price is suddenly approx $20 more than I was quoted.”

Many customers have also gotten bills from DISH Network even after they cancel their service:

“I cancelled my service on February 1st. My next billing cycle was to start on February 2nd. Even though all previous bills we paid on time (for 10 years) they now want to charge me $35.75 for next months bill.”

In addition to that customers have complained collectively about fees that aren’t presented to them up front such as the early termination fee which is $20 per month that is left on a contract so if someone decides to cancel their contract just a few months into the two years, they have to pay $20 for every month remaining. The DVR service is one of their more popular services but it comes at the extra price of $15 per month. In addition to that one of the other issues people have are the more limited television packages and more limited channels compared to some of the Dish Network competitors and of course the issue of satellite television in remote areas or during bad weather being interrupted yet customers still being charged for services that are unavailable.

Services Offered by DISH Network

Dish Network provides for different satellite television packages.

America’s Top 120

All four of the packages they offer are named because they provide you with the top number of channels in America. So, this basic package averages $60 per month and gives you access to the top 120 channels.

America’s Top 120+

The second package is $70 per month on average with access to a hundred and ninety channels.

America’s Top 200

The third package gives you access over 240 channels and costs an average of $80 per month.

America’s Top 250

The final package is $90 per month and gets you access to over 290 channels.

As is the case with all of these you can enjoy the DVR storage of up to 2,000 hours of HD programs and the ability to record 16 shows simultaneously. Dish Network has mobile apps that let you access everything you have recorded as well as live TV, on demand shows, and movies from your smartphone or your tablet. With any of these four programs you do have to lock in for 2 years but they offer a 2-year price guarantee with things like free professional installation, free premium channels for your first three months of the contract, and free HD television.

What to do if you have a complaint

If you have a complaint against DISH Network, and you aren’t getting a solution to your problem, we can help.

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