Review and Ratings for Equinox Gym

Is an Equinox Gym Membership Worth it?

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For fitness fans in the know, Equinox represents the pinnacle of gym membership. Exorbitant memberships prices act as gatekeepers to some of the most exclusive gyms in the country. Celebrities often take advantage of this, counting themselves among the lucky members.

If you have the money and you’re willing to shell it out for a gym membership, Equinox seeks to offer visionary amenities and experiences. However, the many complaints that the organization has received cast doubt on whether being a member is truly worth it.

Membership Services You’re Paying for with Equinox Gym

Some of the services that Equinox offer include smartphone apps to keep you connected to fitness tips and classes, unlimited access to group fitness classes, personal training, Pilates, yoga, and more. With a shop and spa, Equinox looks to elevate the typical gym experience. 

Members can expect to enjoy a number of amenities and benefits, including fitness assessments, eucalyptus towels, filtered water, steam rooms and saunas, luxury hair and body products, and much more.

The saying that “you get what you pay for” must be assessed on a case by case basis. But Equinox has set up shops in many cities where space is at a premium. For individuals living in busy spaces, it can be difficult to belong to a gym where you must wait around for classes and equipment to become available.

Equinox couples high-end amenities with fitness options and availability. Because of this, they charge premium prices to members. The most basic membership that you can get starts at $185 per month for access to a single gym. The premium membership grants access to all gyms — but sets members back at $500 per month.

Whether that price tag is worth it depends. Check out more insight.

Common Equinox Gym Complaints

Not surprisingly, many of the most common Equinox complaints are about membership fees. With membership so expensive, many unhappy customers find it extremely frustrating and infuriating when it is difficult to cancel their memberships. Some report that they have been told that a 45-day notice is required to cancel — and that they will be charged in the interim. 

Other members complain that their credit cards were incorrectly charged for services they did not sign up for or request. Overall, a vast majority of members were dissatisfied that their fees continued to climb year after year, even though they were loyal to the gym. Many felt that their loyalty should be repaid with fixed fees. In fact, in one case, a member joined before the gym opened because she was guaranteed to have her fees never increase. In just the next year, they climbed.

Read more complaints from members of Equinox.

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