Can You Negotiate Your Equinox Gym Membership? Bill

Are hidden fees and other charges making your Equinox Gym bill unreasonable? Learn about your legal option to fight back.

Equinox Gym capitalizes off of the exclusivity its memberships hold.

If you’re dedicated to belonging to a gym like Equinox, don’t shell out top dollar just yet. There may be ways to negotiate your gym membership — and help if negotiations don’t go the way you want them to.

How to Negotiate Your Equinox Gym Membership

One Equinox member has tips for others on how to negotiate your Equinox gym membership. She recommends timing your enrollment with a promotion, like a waiving of initiation fees or a gift card. If your employer has wellness programs, you might be able to cut rates by having your company negotiate a corporate membership affiliation rate. Also, signing up with a partner or roommate who shares your address often brings discounts to you both. It’s important to make sure you’re getting what you really want out of your membership. If you just want access to a single gym located conveniently, select that level of membership rather than going all out to complete access to all of Equinox’s locations. You can also try negotiating your way out of initiation fees even if you’re enrolling outside of a set promotion.

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What you Need to Know About Equinox Gym Arbitration

Equinox — and other big companies like it — use your contract as a way to stipulate that you are limited when it comes to your options for justice when something goes wrong. However, an arbitration clause enables people to sue Equinox in small claims courts. Though the twists and turns of small claims courts can seem dizzying, a good guide like those we offer at Fairshake can get you through — and get you the justice you deserve.

First things first: Make sure your claim holds up in small claims court in terms of the compensation you want and the monetary limits involved. Once you determine whether your case qualifies, it’s time to write a formal demand letter requesting that Equinox fix the issue. Send it via certified mail so you can be sure delivery is confirmed. If the letter doesn’t prompt action from Equinox, it’s time to fill out some paperwork. File the paperwork with the court, and notify Equinox that they are being sued. Once these steps are complete, it’s a matter of attending your hearing and waiting for a decision.

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