How to File a Claim Against Fifth Third Bank

Make your voice heard and make Fifth Third pay: These are your options!

Fifth Third Bank often claims to have all of the personal banking solutions you can ask for. But you might have a complaint against their various banking or lending services. Sometimes they overcharge you or the services aren’t what you’d been promised.

In any case, there are actions you can take if you’ve already tried reaching their customer service professionals. In this guide, we’ll go over:

  • How you can legally file a claim against Fifth Third
  • How you can sue them in small claims court
  • How you can file arbitration against Fifth Third

File a Claim Against Fifth Third in Small Claims Court

What is it? As with the vast majority of other banks and financial institutions, you can’t file a full claim against Fifth Third in most courts. But you can file a lawsuit in small claims court; this allows you to bring your claim to a local judge and receive an award up to a certain monetary limit.

Claim limits: The majority of small claims court cases allow you to receive anywhere between $2500 and $10,000.

Court fees: You may be required to pay a few small claims court fees depending on how much money you claim against Fifth Third.

The type of relief: You get two types of awards from these types of lawsuits: monetary or equitable, which is any nonmonetary request. However, the first type of award is much more common.

When it’s a good option: It’s a great option if you have a little extra time and want to publicly bring your case against Fifth Third.

How to do it: First, find your small claims court in your local area and follow their online tutorial in order to file your lawsuit. Most small claims court’s procedures are similar, but each may have slight differences.

What you can expect: You have a good chance of receiving compensation against Fifth Third if you follow all the lawsuit guidelines. If your case has a strong chance of going public, Fifth Third may settle with you out court.

File a Complaint Against Fifth Third with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

What is it? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (or CFPB) is a government agency that can regulate the activities of financial institutions like Fifth Third. You can file a claim or complaint against Fifth Third via their online interface, though what exactly will happen depends on their internal investigation and processes.

When it try it: This is a great choice if you are frustrated with Fifth Third and want to bring your claim to both government and public attention, but aren’t particularly interested in compensation.

What you need to do: You can file a claim on the CFPB website by clicking here.

What to expect: Any complaint you make will be posted online in a public database and may be used for future regulations against companies like Fifth Third. Don’t necessarily expect an individual response.

File a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Complaint Against Fifth Third

What is it? The BBB is a collection of private organizations that collect and publish feedback and complaints against companies of all types. They offer a platform for customers and businesses to respond to one another and help consumers make informed choices.

When to try this: Head to the Fifth Third BBB page and see if they’re actively responding to complaints. If so, the BBB might be a great resource for you to file a complaint.

What you need to do: Head to the Fifth Third BBB page and follow the instructions on the page to submit a complaint.

What you can expect: You might receive a message directly from Fifth Third on the BBB interface. The BBB themselves may ask for documentation regarding your relationship with the company.

File a Complaint Against Fifth Third Through Independent Arbitration

What is it? One last effort you can try to resolve your issues with Fifth Third is pursuing independent arbitration. This is allowed with all financial institutions, as it involves you filing a complaint that can be argued by an arbitrator: an independent individual that isn’t the same thing as a judge.

This legal process can cause financial institutions like Fifth Third money, so they’ll usually try to settle your claim once they are aware that you’re about to pursue arbitration. This is why FairShake can help you get results!

When to try it: This is an excellent option if Fifth Third has misled you or otherwise performed poorly with expected services. We at FairShake can help you pursue claims up to $10,000 depending on the strength of your case.

What you need to do: Just fill out one of our forms to begin your claim against Fifth Third.

What to expect: You can learn more about the independent arbitration process by clicking here.

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