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How to File a Complaint Against Frontier Communications

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Like most large corporations, trying to get through to a customer service representative at Frontier Communications can be an exercise in frustration. Fortunately, a dispute resolution specialist from FairShake can help you recover money lost because of statement overcharges. You can also fight back against fraud that includes deceptive sales tactics.

By this point, you have probably tried contacting the customer service department at Frontier Communications. You have wasted time waiting on hold, answering computerized voice questions, and if you were lucky, spending a little time with a live representative who did not take care of your issue.

Now, the time has come to expand the options you have when dealing with Frontier Communications. Contact FairShake today to learn more about filing a small claim and how to proceed with binding arbitration.


Read on to learn about different ways of filing a claim against Frontier, and what you should know about each:

File a Claim against Frontier Communications in Small Claims Court

What is Small Claims Court?

Although most large corporations such as Frontier Communications prohibit the filing of class action lawsuits against the company, you have the right to seek just compensation by filing a claim in small claims court. Read the fine print in the customer agreement you signed to determine how Frontier handles small claims court cases.

When Should You File against Frontier?

The answer is simple: You must have the time and the patience to see a small claims court case to its conclusion. Unlike binding arbitration, either party has the right to file an appeal in a small claims court case. This means a judge might issue a final decision until months, perhaps a couple of years after the start of a small claims court case.

How to File a Claim against Frontier Communications

Everything you need to know about filing a claim against Frontier is presented in the detailed FairShake Guide to Sue Frontier in Small Claims Court. If you follow each of the steps highlighted in the informative guide, you increase the chance of winning your case.


File a Claim against Frontier Communications with your Credit Card Provider

Is It Worth the Effort?

Yes, because every time you pay for something with a credit card, you and the company selling you a product agree to follow a clear set of rules established by the credit card company that issued you the card. Most credit card companies set strict guidelines to follow whenever a customer complains about overcharges, fraudulent charges, and product or a service paid for, but not provided.

How to Make It Work
If you follow the principle of “Document everything,” then you should be in good shape when it involves filing a claim against Frontier with your credit card provider. The first thing your credit card provider wants to see is proof that you took a financial hit because of a Frontier error or worse, negligence. You can expect to identify the charge, describe the claim, and submit evidence that substantiates your claim.
What Result Should You Expect?
The best case scenario is your credit card provider removes the charge from your balance. Frontier has the right to dispute any allegations by responding to a request sent by your credit card provider to justify a certain charge. Most credit card providers try to expedite the claims submitted by customers.
Access the FairShake guide on how to handle a dispute with Frontier Communications.

File a Complaint with the FCC

What is it?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a government agency that regulates much of Frontier’s business. The FCC provides an informal channel for consumers to submit claims and complaints against Frontier.

What happens to these claims depends on the internal procedures of the FCC. The FCC also provides a more formal complaint process, but agency charges a fee to use this service.

When to Try it

When you reach the end of your patience with Frontier, and want to make the FCC aware of your complaint. Remember that an FCC complaint is not a way to pursue compensation.

What You Need to Do

File an informal complaint against Frontier on the FCC’s public website by following the instructions here.

What to Expect

The last thing Frontier Communications wants is to have the government get involved with a customer dispute.  You might receive an offer to settle the dispute, before you take your complaint to the FCC. The FCC has broad powers when it comes to regulating telecommunication companies. One of the most influential regulatory actions is to levy a fine against Frontier.


File a Complaint with the Better Business Bureau

What is it?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and its local chapters are private organizations that collect and publish complaints against a wide range of companies. They are mainly funded by affiliate fees from businesses, and usually offer these business an opportunity to respond to consumer complaints.

When to Try It

Before you file a claim in small claims court or seek resolution of a dispute through binding arbitration, file a complaint with the BBB. Although the BBB does not have any legal power to force Frontier to settle your complaint, the leading consumer advocacy organization collects the complaints filed by other consumers. The more complaints, the more likely Frontier will try to settle your complaint.

What to Expect

This depends on whether Frontier Communications responds to its BBB complaints. If it does, you may receive a response directly from the company. The BBB might request documentation to support your complaint. Ultimately, it is up to Frontier whether the company chooses to offer compensation to settle your claim.

Participate in Binding Arbitration

Overview of Binding Arbitration?

Do you remember the fine print in the agreement you signed with Frontier? It states you cannot join a class action lawsuit. In addition, the agreement  states the company settles customer disputes through binding arbitration. With the help of a FairShake representative, you can seek just compensation in a timely manner through binding arbitration.

When is Binding Arbitration the Best Option?

Since binding arbitration decision is the final word of a dispute, you should consider filing for it soon after learning that Frontier misled you or violated a terms or service written into the contract you signed with the company. Binding arbitration grants petitioners more money than what you can get from a small claims court decision.

Contact a FairShake representative today to learn more about binding arbitration. You can brush on the process by visiting our website.


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