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All About Frontier Communications Lawsuits

Learn what Frontier Communications lawsuits are out there, and how to take action…

Frontier is a phone and internet provider with millions of customers but they are no stranger to Frontier lawsuits.

If you have a complaint with your Frontier service and have gotten as far as you can with calling customer support, you might be interested in Frontier lawsuits and your own legal options.

Here is what you need to know about suing Frontier:


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Are Lawsuits Against Frontier allowed?

Like many legal questions, the answer is “it’s complicated.”

As with many other internet service providers, Frontier tries their best to ensure that their best interests are considered. Your Frontier subscriber agreement will often include language saying that you cannot sue them in most types of legal courts. However, consumers will always have the option to either take Frontier to a small claims court, or to file a consumer arbitration claim against them.

We’re biased, but consumer arbitration is often the better option. It’s also the one we can help with!


What is a Class Action Lawsuit? Can I File a Class Action Lawsuit Against Frontier?

Class Action lawsuits are designed to bring together a class of individuals with the same complaint. However, if you’re a Frontier customer, you often won’t have the option to file or join a class action.

Because of your Frontier contract, there will often be specific wording that prevents you from jumping into any Class Action that you find (this has not always been the case, and the story of why can be an interesting read).

The following Frontier lawsuits are usually lawsuits against Frontier filed by a government entity (which have more legal options than consumers), long-running older lawsuits, or corporate disputes involving Frontier.

At FairShake, we’re reinventing the process of lawsuits against Frontier. Frontier complaints are common, and many consumers often have the same questions regarding their legal rights with the company. Rather than going after a Frontier Class Action suit — which is usually not even possible — we’ll file a personalized legal document with the company, and guide you through the legal process.

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As a Frontier Customer, what are my Options for a Lawsuit?

There are a bunch of ways to make a claim against Frontier, including with the FCC or your credit card provider.

But your legal options typically involve one of two paths:

  • You can Sue Frontier in Small Claims Court, and be asked to attend a court hearing and pay legal fees.

  • Or, you can do everything from your home. Consumer Arbitration is the process laid out by Frontier’s contract in place of a lawsuit. It lets you argue your case before an independent arbitrator (like a judge) who can force them to fix the problem and to compensate you. We at FairShake help make this process easy and convenient. We at FairShake help make this process easy and convenient.

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Seven recent and notable Frontier lawsuits:

Frontier Lawsuit over Improper Add-On Fees

Frontier, like many big telecommunications companies, seems to love throwing additional charges on top of their services. A 2011 class action suit against Frontier claimed they charged customers prohibited taxes and surcharges under false pretenses:

New York, NY: A federal consumer fraud class action has been filed against Frontier Communications alleging that the company defrauds its Internet customers by illegally collecting taxes and surcharges it claims are governmentally imposed.

Specifically, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim that Frontier has charged Internet customers local and state taxes and fees that are prohibited under the Internet Tax Freedom Act, the Federal Communications Act and state law, according to Consumer Affairs.com

Furthermore, the suit claims that Frontier has charged its Internet customers 911 fees on despite the fact that the customers cannot access 911 using the Internet, and the suit claims that Frontier has charged Internet customers Universal Service Fees, from which Internet service is exempt.

Frontier Lawsuit in West Virginia

According to FierceTelecom, Frontier had a lot of problems over the with keeping up their promises on internet speeds in West Virginia, and agreed in 2015 to a settlement with the state’s attorney general:

Frontier Communications will have to invest at least $150 million over the next three years to increase broadband speeds in West Virginia as part of a settlement to lawsuit filed in 2014 by the state’s Attorney General Patrick Morrissey.

The lawsuit accused Frontier of promising broadband speeds of up to 6 Mbps but only delivering speeds of 1.5 Mbps or lower. Frontier has admitted to no wrongdoing but has committed to reducing its monthly rate for customers that were impacted by this to $9.99 per month, a savings of $10 to $20 per month. The reduced rate will be available until Frontier increases its network download speeds provisioned at 1.5 Mbps or lower to at least 6 Mbps, according to Morrisey’s office. The price decreases will start Jan. 25.


Also as part of the settlement Frontier is required to pay $500,000 to the state’s Consumer Protection Fund. The payment will be used to offset investigative and monitoring expenses.

Frontier Lawsuit over Damage to Tampa’s Infrastructure

The Tampa Bay Times reveals a 2019 lawsuit against Frontier for damaging pipes and infrastructure in the city while installing fiber internet cables:

The city of Tampa is suing Frontier Communications of America and Verizon Florida for allegedly causing nearly $100,000 in damages to underground wastewater lines over a three-year period.

In a lawsuit filed last week, the city detailed 37 instances between 2015 and 2018 when cable and phone provider Frontier and its predecessor, Verizon, allegedly damaged wastewater pipes while installing fiber optic lines throughout the city. The lines provide faster cable TV and phone service.

Frontier Lawsuit for False Claims

Even after the 2015 settlement mentioned above, this story from the West Virginia Record describes how Frontier has been accused of false claims over their fiber internet infrastructure buildout in the state:

CHARLESTON – A lawsuit filed in 2014 against Frontier Communications alleging violations of the False Claims Act will continue after a judge’s recent order dismissing several counts from the amended complaint.


“The court agrees that Citynet has sufficiently set forth the who, what and when of the conspiracy with adequate particularity,” Copenhaver wrote. “The complaint alleges that defendants worked together to prepare the WVEO grant and prepared it containing a number of misrepresentations so that it would be awarded and with the knowledge that Frontier would become a sub-recipient of the grant.”

Once awarded, it is alleged that the defendants did not build the network that the grant stated they would build, but built substantially less miles of fiber because the network was already mostly built, and additionally worked together, with the Frontier defendants submitting and the state employees approving invoices containing impermissible invoice fees, so that the grant money would be expended and not given to other applicants who applied for grant funds, according to Copenhaver’s order.

Frontier Lawsuit on 401k Mismanagement

Frontier claims to look after their employees, but those claims haven’t stopped employees of the company from filing lawsuits against them. PlanSponsor has this 2018 story of a proposed class action for Frontier employees who dislike how the company is focusing on Verizon stock in their company retirement plans:

[S]tarting in July 2010, Frontier began acquiring significant capital assets of Verizon—starting with wireline operations providing services to residential, commercial and wholesale communications customers. Subsequently, Frontier has purchased broadband and fiber optic assets in certain Western states.

According to the complaint, between July 2010 and December 30, 2011, the Frontier Communications 401(k) plan received and retained approximately $150 million in Verizon stock, at that time representing over 15% of the plan’s total assets. In April 2016, Frontier acquired additional Verizon assets, and the plan fiduciary defendants allegedly invested over $200 million of additional plan assets in Verizon stock.


As a result of these breaches, plaintiff alleges, defendants caused the plan and the proposed class to suffer more than $100 million in losses.

Frontier Lawsuit on Gender Discrimination

The Hour reports on this 2019 story of a Frontier employee who alleges that the company paid her less than men with the same title due to gender discrimination:

A federal judge scheduled a June trial for a jury to hear a former Frontier Communications employee’s assertion the company paid her far below what men made to do the same job, with Connecticut enacting a law this year attempting to limit employers from maintaining such gaps in compensation.

Leigh Ann Marzano, of Rocky Hill, sued Frontier in 2016, claiming her complaints were not addressed by managers at Norwalk-based Frontier and predecessor company AT&T. Frontier acquired AT&T’s historic Southern New England Telephone operations in October 2014.

Frontier Lawsuit over Patent Use

Here is a story from FierceVideo, which outlines a 2018 Frontier lawsuit by “frequent patent litigator” Blue Spike:

Frontier Communications is being sued for $210 million by frequent patent litigator Blue Spike LLC for 11 alleged patent violations by the operator’s Fios TV service.

Frontier, which acquired Fios TV operations in California, Texas and Florida from Verizon back in 2015, is alleged to have violated patents related to watermark embedding technologies. Blue Spike also alleges violation of a 12th patent, this one related to Frontier’s business Wi-Fi service.


“Defendant has not sought or obtained a license for any of Blue Spike’s patented technologies,” Blue Spike said in its 143-page complaint. “This creates a competitive disadvantage to other companies, like Apple, Acer, Dell, IBM, Samsung and Sony.”

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