Google Fiber Internet Prices: What You Should be Paying for WiFi

Are you pay too much for your Google Fiber internet? We can help.

Google Fiber is available in a few major cities like Salt Lake City, San Diego, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, and Atlanta. While it’s not available everywhere yet, they are looking to expand. So when Google Fiber comes to your area, it’s important to know what the Wi-Fi prices are and whether Google Fiber is the best low-cost internet plan for you. In this article we review what you should be paying for Wi-Fi and examine the different Google Fiber internet prices.

Pros and Cons of Google Fiber Internet



Google fiber speeds are generally close to exactly what they advertise, unlike other providers.

Google Fiber isn’t available outside of a dozen or so key cities at this time.

The speed you get with Google Fiber is quite high depending on where you live

There are no annual service contracts required and no data caps. In fact, if you sign a one-year contract for certain plans, your monthly price drops.

Google Fiber Wi-Fi prices and plans

Google fiber has a few different options. When you look at their plans and the Wi-Fi cost for each, you might see key words like Google fiber or WEBPASS.

WEBPASS customers might get speeds of 100, 200, or 500 megabits per second for a flat monthly rate. Customers show a lot of satisfaction with this speed being exactly what is advertised.

Right now WEBPASS is an alternative for people living in metropolitan areas where Google Fiber isn’t available.


Starting price


Data Caps




$50 per month

100 Mbps



Fiber 1000

$70 per month

1000 Mbps





$60 per month

Between 100 and 1000 Mbps depending on location 


Monthly price will drop to only $45 on average if you sign a one-year contract

What is the lowest cost high internet speed from Google Fiber that is it worth it?

That depends on what is available in your area. The lowest cost high internet speed from Google Fiber might be the WEBPASS option or the Fiber 100 plan. For $50 per month with the fiber 100 plan you have no data caps so there are no hidden fees in that area, no contracts so no early termination fees, and with the WEBPASS you can drop your price to only $45 if you sign a one-year contract which is still shorter than most comparative companies.

Google also offers bundles which can reduce the cost. If you are in an area where you want television and phone service is from Google, you can choose a bundle price from the options below:


Starting price for the bundle of TV + phone + internet



Fiber 100

$150 per month

100 Mbps


Fiber 1000

$170 per month

1000 Mbps


If you want to use the television and phone bundles with your internet, it adds an extra $100 to whatever Google Fiber plan you have, which could be cheaper than comparative providers and still comes with the added benefit of no contract.

However, Google Fiber still isn’t available in a lot of large metropolitan areas and it certainly isn’t available in rural areas just yet. The delays in providing additional coverage for some of these markets means not all of these options are available to every user.

Does Google Fiber offer unlimited internet with no upfront cost?

When Google Fiber started offering internet, they promised to have the fastest internet speeds and unlimited data out of any other provider. That said, they do have unlimited internet in the form of unlimited data but only for those people for whom it is available.

How does Google Fiber internet cost compare to others?

There are lots of competing companies with different plans and wifi prices. Below is a comparison of Google Fiber internet cost with a few other competitors:


 Google Fiber 



Starting price

 $50 per month

 $50 per month 

$29.99 per month

Internet Speeds

100-1000 Mbps

12-100 Mbps

10-940 Mbps

Data Cap



1 Tb per month


No contract

 2 year contract

1 year

Problem with your Google Fiber internet cost?

If you sign up for Google Fiber internet, but the internet cost is not what you expected, or hidden fees caught you off-guard, you are not the only one. Maybe you reached out to Google Fiber customer service but you didn’t get an adequate resolution. If so, we can help.

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