When Hotwire Customer Service Fails

How to Make the Hotwire Corporate Office Listen

A legal option that can get Hotwire to listen — and get you compensated.

Nothing is more frustrating or deflating than trying to talk to a vacation company about an issue you have, only to be stonewalled time and time again. Maybe you used Hotwire to rent a car, hotel room, or take care of some other aspect of your family vacation. Whatever the specifics, Hotwire’s corporate team can be impossible to get a hold of, even if you have a legitimate complaint.

It’s all too easy to feel like you are being taken advantage of. What is there to do aside from calling their customer service line again?

Use Arbitration to Settle Your Complaint with Hotwire

Hotwire is one of the biggest travel ticket and rental platforms in the world. But despite all of their experience, Hotwire more often than not ignores customer complaints and doesn’t prioritize reaching a resolution for any customers it may have mistreated. They do this in large part because they know any contract you signed with them prevents you from filing a lawsuit, even if they are totally in the wrong.

This being said, there are other ways that motivated customers can pursue justice when it comes to their Hotwire services. In fact, independent arbitration allows you to both remain within the limits of your contract and take Hotwire to task for any grievances they may have caused.

With independent arbitration, you’ll hire an impartial arbitrator that can look at both sides of your disagreement and come up with the legal decision that Hotwire must obey – just like they’d have to obey if you took them to court.

Arbitration is Fair, Just, Reasonable, and Transparent

So long as your arbitration case is handled by the American Arbitration Association, the arbitration proceedings will comply with the Statement of Principles of Consumer Due Process Protocol. In a nutshell, this means that:

  • The arbitration proceedings will be fair to both parties and a competent, qualified, and impartial arbitrator will be hired to oversee the process
  • Only reasonable standards will be applied throughout the arbitration proceedings. As a result, there won’t be any exorbitant costs, both parties will be able to easily reach the location of the hearing, and both parties will have access to all necessary information
  • In addition, a standard of transparency shall be upheld that includes clear arbitration agreements and settlement descriptions, plus allowance for both parties to hire additional representation if they choose
  • Small claims court and mediation will be offered as alternatives to arbitration for certain types of cases
  • The arbitrator’s decision will be as legally binding as any other court decision, and these decisions can be either penalties or awards

Arbitration Gives You, the Customer, Leverage

One of the biggest benefits of using arbitration is that it gives you leverage as opposed to Hotwire. Large companies like Hotwire are used to having the upper hand, but arbitration puts things on an even playing field. Furthermore, once Hotwire sees that you are serious about getting a resolution for your complaint, they’re more likely to actually listen and negotiate.

Arbitration isn’t an automatic victory for large companies as many lawsuits usually are. Furthermore, Hotwire knows that they’ll likely have to pay out-of-pocket for at least some costs, even if they end up winning the case. For instance, it costs money for them to get a team together for the arbitration hearing. When they consider all the costs they may have to pay if they lose, they’ll become more likely to listen to your demands.

However, if Hotwire still isn’t interested in negotiating, you don’t have to spend any money on the arbitration process to get a fair and just hearing. In fact, FairShake can offer you assistance when filing for arbitration, and it won’t cost you anything unless you win a settlement.

Do note that arbitration is meant to be a serious action, and you shouldn’t use it for any minor issues or complaints. If your grievance is deemed frivolous by the arbitrator, you may have to pay for charges Hotwire incurs during the process. Any legitimate grievances won’t be qualified as such, of course.

Leverage Can Lead to Faster Settlements and Real Resolutions

Once you’re finally on equal footing with Hotwire, you’ll likely find that they’re much more open to pursuing a fast settlement for whatever your complaint happens to be.

If you want to begin the process of arbitration, you have to start by formally raising the issue with Hotwire. FairShake can assist with this process by contacting us today.

We can send Hotwire a demand letter that starts a 30-day countdown. They must resolve your complaint, or at least respond in a way that begins negotiations, within that period or we’ll start filing for arbitration. This is because most arbitration contracts have a 30-day window where the company must be allowed a chance to fix the problem before things escalate.

In around half of all cases, corporate offices offer settlements to their customers within this countdown instead of pushing things to actual arbitration. This means you may not have to even go through the arbitration proceedings. But if they don’t offer you a reasonable settlement, you can start formally filing for arbitration by contacting the American Arbitration Association. FairShake can help with the paperwork and any steps afterward.

Do I Need an Attorney?

When you go to arbitration, you’ll normally have the option to hire an attorney for additional assistance. You can also represent yourself.

If you do decide to go with an attorney, be aware that it’s usually easier to get a great settlement or a particularly high award if your complaint can be pointed out as already covered or discussed under a certain law. Basically, if it’s already “on the books”, you have a better chance of the arbitrator siding with your point of view. Attorneys can be helpful in locating certain laws or statutes for this purpose.

Check out the American Arbitration Association’s Pro Se Case Administration Team, however, if you do plan to represent yourself for more information. Be aware that some complaints, like those that deal with improper debt collection or harassment, will be better helped by knowledgeable attorneys than others.

What Can I Do Next?

Want to get started? Simply fill out the contact form below and explain your grievance with Hotwire so we can get started. FairShake offers a 100% guarantee and will work tirelessly to take care of your arbitration needs. We also won’t charge you anything unless you win.

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