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How to File a Complaint Against KeyBank

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Learn about your options to get your KeyBank complaint resolved fairly.

Have you faced serious issues with Keybank and your account? Have you struggled to right an incorrect balance amount or accounting error but aren’t getting anywhere? Perhaps they failed to refund on an unauthorized transaction, or charged you unreasonable fees, or duplicate charges. Maybe you have been dealing with an account error but no matter how often you reach out, you just go round and round getting transferred on the phone and automated messages in your inbox.

At this point, you’ve probably already gotten the run-around from customer service. So, now you want to know:

  • What KeyBank’s Complaint Policies Are
  • How to Sue KeyBank in Small Claims Court
  • How to File a Claim Against KeyBank through Consumer Arbitration

What are KeyBank's Complaint Policies?

KeyBank Security Policies

KeyBank is a little challenging to get a hold of when there’s a problem, something you probably know working with them. They have a 1-800 number to call when you have an issue and they claim to be very prompt about any fraudulent activity on your account.If there’s anything wrong they initiate a dispute process but that can be quite lengthy and seems to be applicable to any number of grievances you might have.

So what do you do when your issue was actually with the dispute policy or fraudulent activity? What steps can you take when you’ve tried to initiate a claim for fraudulent activity but the company never gave you the refund they said they would? KeyBank customers who’ve been mistreated by the company have options to fight back.

Arbitration Clauses

Chances are your contract with KeyBank includes an arbitration clause and that means you can’t start a class action lawsuit against the company or join an existing lawsuit. It also limits what other litigation options you have. This is pretty common for large Financial companies and Banks and it’s really a way to reduce costs and time invested in legal disputes. You still have the option though filing in small claims court or using consumer arbitration.

How to Use Small Claims Court

If you have an accounting problem that falls under the right parameters you can try small claims court. However, not every situation qualifies for small claims court.

There is a small claims court limit, usually between $5,000 and $10,000 but some courts go as low as $2,500. If you are asking for compensation above or below this limit, you can always use consumer arbitration.

When you file small claims court documents you have to let them know what it is you’re asking for and most small claims courts will only accept monetary compensation. This just means they’ll only award you money for whatever issue you had. So if you’re looking to get anything other than money, you’ll need to use consumer arbitration.

This can be a time consuming process but it’s also a pretty good way of getting compensation when you’ve tried work with them directly and you’re not getting anywhere.

How to Sue Keybank in Small Claims Court

Every state has similar requirements for how to sue KeyBank in small claims court, but check with your county courthouse to make sure you do everything they need.

  1. Send KeyBank your demand letter. in this demand letter you simply State who you are, what your account is, what your contact information is, what your problem is, and how you want them to fix it. This can be as simple as a paragraph. Once you have written your demand letter, you have to send a hard copy via certified mail to KeyBank. Even though they are legally based in Delaware, you should send your demand letter to:




SUITE 1330


*Note: The address you should use will be listed in your individual subscriber agreement.

  1. Fill out your state required forms.  Check your state court website to see if your particular county has an additional four more to that is required. Make sure you have the right number of copies, something you can also look up on the state court website. Most courts require triplicates so that everyone involved in the claim and get a copy and they won’t do it for you. If you show up without the right number of copies you will be sent home and have to try again.
  2. Formally file all of your documents with the court. In most cases you have to show up physically during regular working hours, usually in the middle of the week. You might be lucky enough to live somewhere that allows you to mail your claim but most people aren’t so lucky.  When you visit the county clerk’s office they will review and accept your documents and then give you back the stamped, officially filed documents along with a court date. There are small claims court fees you pay when you file.
  3. Officially “serve” KeyBank. They need to know what’s going on in an official capacity. Each state has specific requirements that you have to follow when you officially serve someone so make sure you do everything required of you. A single mistake is grounds for the dismissal of your case and then you won’t get anything.
  4. Head to the courthouse at your scheduled hearing with all of your official court documents and any evidence you have as to what KeyBank did and why you are asking for monetary compensation.

Use Consumer Arbitration to Resolve Your Complaint

If you can’t use small claims court or it just seems a little too complicated, there is consumer arbitration, an arbitration process that helps you get a solution to your problem.

This process might get you a settlement sooner than small claims court because most big companies will offer a settlement as soon as the arbitration process is started.

Steps to File a Claim Against KeyBank with Consumer Arbitration

  1. Submit your complaint to KeyBank. This is an official, legal notice that you have a dispute. Using our online interface, you can simply tell us what the problem is and how you want them to fix it and we will handle the legal notice for you.
  2. The information you provide is used to generate a hardcopy demand letter which is sent to them on your behalf. This is very similar to a demand letter requirement for small claims court but we include a time frame. If they don’t resolve your problem by the end of that time frame, you have the option to use consumer arbitration.
  3. This is the point where they might settle. They might reach out to you and let you know that they have an offer. If you like it, great, accept it and celebrate. If you don’t like it or they don’t offer anything, it’s time for Consumer arbitration.
  4. File your arbitration documents from the American Arbitration Association. We do this on your behalf with a “documents only” arbitration process.  this means you don’t have to meet with anyone or field a bunch of phone calls in the middle of work. Everything is done with documents.
  5. Your documents get filed with the American Arbitration Association and a case administrator is appointed to manage your claim, collect information about what went wrong, and schedule appointments with you and we KeyBank. Then an arbitrator is appointed who schedules your hearing date which can also take the form of a document only hearing but if you prefer, a conference call or an in-person meeting.

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