Can LA Fitness Send You to Collections?

If you need help getting collections off your back from LA Fitness, try submitting a claim now.

LA Fitness is a gym that some members claim feel like a family. However, just like normal families, there are sometimes issues that can rankle members of LA Fitness.

A common issue with this gym and company is that they make it nearly impossible to make a clean break once you are done with using their services. Customers who have tried to end their membership are often sent on a wild goose chase to line up all of the things they need in order to move on with their lives.

This level of ineptitude and confusion can let some things slip through the cracks. Especially if you think that you have already ended your membership but there are still steps left to be taken, you could have a membership bill for LA Fitness continue to accrue without your knowledge.

LA Fitness might send you to bill collections, which could impact your credit score and history in a negative way. A bad credit score can limit your decisions in the future, such as taking out loans for big purchases or mortgages for houses.

It’s not fair that customer service failures on LA Fitness’s part can affect former members so terribly. You have options when it comes to this.

What you Need to Know Abut LA Fitness Collections Practices

One former member of LA Fitness had almost a comedy of errors when it came to ending their membership. LA Fitness ended up keeping the customer’s card on file, continuing to charge them unless they printed and filled out a written form and sent it to the LA Fitness corporate office — plus talking to an onsite manager. Even canceling a card on file to halt the payments could still send an unpaid bill to collections — which could cause you further headaches.

While some people recommended marking the ongoing charges from LA Fitness after a membership has ended as fraudulent with their credit card company, the frustrations remain. Once a customer decides to end a membership, that should be the only thing they have to do.

How to Fight Fraudulent Claims Through Arbitration

No matter what your issue with LA Fitness may be, know that you are not alone. Plenty of people have problems with their accounts, memberships, billing, and customer service from LA Fitness, as evidenced by customer complaints made through the Better Business Bureau.

You should also know that you have resources available to get the recompense you deserve. If you have tried to get your complaints answered but failed to get the help you know you are entitled to, contact us here at FairShake. We have the experience you need to help you get justice when something goes wrong. We will take you through everything that needs to happen in order to make things right.

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