How to Cancel Your Account with Metro

If you are cancelling Metro because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

Have you found that your Metro account is not working out for you? 

Maybe you want to change services or you don’t like the way customer service has treated you. Whatever the reason, we explain how to cancel your Metro account. 

Wireless Cancellation Policy for Metro by T-Mobile

Metro has one of the most flexible cancellation policies for their customers. Because it is a prepaid service, you have the option of canceling your account and then reopening your account down the line. You can choose to close your account for a few months if you are going out of the country or traveling on business and then open it again when you return. There are many options here for very flexible changes to your account. 

Metro, owned by T-Mobile, does not have contracts with their customers for wireless phone plans. This means you can sign up for their service and, presumably, cancel whenever you want. 

However, there are situations where you might purchase a phone through Metro or through a third party. You may not have a contract for the service you are using but you will have a contract still to continue paying for the device. 

When you cancel your account be advised that you may be required to pay the remainder owed on your phone up front. In other situations you might still be able to pay that third party or Metro on a monthly basis just without the prepaid wireless plan fee on top of it. This is entirely based on the circumstances around your purchase. You can always speak with customer service to get a better idea of what to expect. 

Steps to Canceling Your Metro Account 

When you cancel your Metro plan:

  1. Use the phone that contains your MetroPCS sim card and call 1-888-863-8768 or proceed online.
  2. When you are connected with an agent, give them any of your personal information as requested. 
  3. Tell them why you are cancelling, and then confirm that your account is canceled. 

To cancel online: visit https://www.metropcs.com/contact-us.html

To cancel over the phone: call Metro customer service at 1-888-863-8768

Common disputes and complaints when canceling a Metro account

Customers may have fewer Metro complaints compared to other Wireless providers when cancelling their account because Metro, owned by T-Mobile, simply has fewer hidden fees. There are still consumer complaints listed on the Better Business Bureau page where customers try to cancel their service but the customer service agent isn’t forthcoming about cancellation and instead tries to convince the individual to stay with the company. If you encounter these situations you can remain polite but hold your ground and make it very clear that you are canceling your service for whatever reason. 

Fees associated with Canceling your Metro account

Metro is owned by T-Mobile so they are one of the few wireless providers you typically won’t see early termination fees from Metro associated with canceling your account. 

Bear in mind that when you cancel will impact how much you still have to pay. For example, if you want to cancel right now and you are 15 days into your monthly billing cycle, your service will continue for the remaining 15 days of your billing cycle and then come to a close. However, if you forget or you wait until the start of a new billing cycle, you will still have to pay for another month.

What to do if you are unable to cancel or incur fees for canceling

If you have reached out to Metro customer service but you are still unable to cancel or you were charged more than you should have been, we can help. 

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