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The reality for many people looking to further their education at traditional four-year or technical two-year colleges and universities is that student loans are necessary to make their studies possible. Even individuals looking to better themselves, improve their knowledge to advance within their companies, and those looking to make a career switch later in life are subject to taking out large amounts of money in student loans in order to pay for courses, materials, room and board, lab fees, and other college expenses.

Navient Loans is one of many loan companies people may choose to help fund both their higher education goals and other life goals. However, many people may question just how legitimate Navient is especially because of multiple customer complaints — and recent lawsuits that have been filed against the company.

Services You’re Paying for with Navient Loans

Navient Loans offers a range of different products and services to customers, including:

  • Federal student loan servicing
  • Private student loan servicing
  • Consumer lending
  • Business processing solutions

Student loans both federal and private are among Navient’s most common services — and the services that are subject to most complaints and lawsuits.

Common Navient Loans Complaints

Many people on FairShake have taken to our forums to share their negative experiences with Navient Loans.

One example of a common complaint is a lack of good customer service. Customer service representatives are difficult to get in touch with both via email and by phone when customers have questions or concerns about their loans and accounts. Other customers have given examples of customer service representatives not being knowledgeable enough to answer their questions or address their concerns. Another complaint regarding customer service is misinformation about how actions on students loans affected borrowers’ credit scores.

There are many more complaints about overcharges, hidden fees, and other issues with payments, repayments, and missed payments accruing.

Read more complaints people have had about their experience with Navient Loans.

Lawsuits Against Navient Loans

There have been so many common complaints against Navient Loans that multiple lawsuits have been filed against the company. The lawsuits accuse Navient of harming individuals who took out student loans with them during the repayment process. This harm includes misallocating payments, encouraging forbearances rather than repayment plans, and unclear information on moving forward with repayment plans.

Though the lawsuits aim to get Navient to take responsibility for the wrongdoing so many customers say it has done, it could be years before anything is resolved, leaving many in limbo. Learn more about the Navient Loans lawsuits.

If you have issues and complaints against Navient Loans, you can take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Many have had bad experiences, too, and FairShake has the experience you need to successfully arbitrate against Navient and companies like it. You deserve justice.

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