How to Lower Your Optimum Bill

Paying more than you should for Optimum? Learn about options to reduce your bill

If your cable and internet bill is higher than it should be, we can help. We break down the different ways to reduce your bill from Optimum.

Some customers are demanding relief because of rate hikes where customers were not warned that their monthly bills would suddenly be higher. Is this you? Or maybe you’re one of many people who don’t have a lot of options for cable and internet services. You might be stuck with Optimum and simply need to find better ways to reduce your current bill. What can you do?

Review Your Statement

Start by reviewing your monthly statement. Many of the billing issues about which customers complain has to do with hidden fees or changes to service packages without warning. The only way to know that you have fees associated with your account that you shouldn’t is to review your account statement regularly.

If there are issues, bring them to Optimum’s attention. You might have to follow up with Optimum more than once to get the refund you deserve. However, the sooner you bring it to their attention, the sooner you can have the issue fixed and the unnecessary charge removed from your account thereafter.

Scale Your Services

Consider scaling back your services. You might have cable or Internet services from Optimum that are more than you need. Plenty of customers choose a cable package or internet speed when they first move to a new home and don’t follow up regularly to see if they are actually getting the speeds for which they pay, or whether they use the television channels in their service. If you find that you are not watching your television or your internet is fast but unnecessarily so, you can scale back your services to something more affordable.

One issue customers have often is slow internet from Optimum. There are many reasons why you could be experiencing slow internet but if you are paying for fast upload and download speeds, but you aren’t getting them, reach out to customer service about changing your bill. There’s no point in paying for high-speed internet if you know that you will never get it.


You can always change your plan as well to a bundle if you don’t already have one. Contact Optimum customer service to ensure you avoid any early termination fees associated with changing your plan to a different plan. Sometimes if you are under contract and you change your plan or downgrade your service they might try to sneak in one of these fees.

Negotiate for Better Prices

Call customer service at (866) 218-3025 and try to ask about other deals or ways they can help you lower your bill.  Believe it or not, big companies, even Optimum, have a customer retention department whose job it is to keep customers loyal to the company. You can reach out to them and politely express your concern with how high your bill is and the fact that you are considering another company. Ask what they can do to help make your build more affordable.

Use Promotions

Similarly, there are often many promotions and discounts available to new customers. They may not say that they are available to existing customers, but if you try to negotiate with customer service, you could potentially take advantage of these promotions. Here are some as of the time of writing:

  • Optimum offers a 10% monthly discount on basic cable packages for qualifying low-income seniors. (To qualify you must be at least 62 years of age or older and make $24,432 or less each year or $29,956 or less as a couple.)
  • If you are a first responder, active duty military, or veteran, Optimum offers a 15% discount on their existing services. 
  • There are certain “prices for Life” packages where you sign up for a slightly higher rate but that rate is locked in for as long as you remain an active Optimum customer and pay your bill on time. 

If you have tried everything else to reduce your bill from Optimum and you still can’t get it down to a reasonable rate let alone pay it, it might be time to let us help. 

What if they owe me money?

If you have scaled back your services, negotiated or capitalize on a promotion, and Optimum still hasn’t given you the refund you deserve, we can help. At FairShake, we can guide you through the process of solving your billing issues.

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