Common Complaints Against PNC

What complaints do people like you have against PNC? And what can you do about them?

Are you one of the many frustrated PNC Financial Service customers that can’t seem to get your problem fixed?

Did you sign up for overdraft protection only to have fees charged if your account went negative? Are there charges on your bank or credit card statement that you don’t recognize but PNC refuses to help you fix?  Were the customer service representatives rude and unhelpful when you called in for help?

The most common complaints against PNC Bank

If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. Although PNC doesn’t crack the top 10 most frustrating companies, the Better Business Bureau has received 1,574 customer complaints about PNC Financial Services over the past three years.  Some of the most common grievances include:

  1. Excessive fees
  2. Fraudulent charges
  3. Poor customer service

Excessive Fees

One of the top complaints coming from PNC Financial Service customers are the fees that they incur even after they’ve signed up for overdraft protection.  Customers claim that the PNC coverage was to disallow any charges that would cause their balances to go negative. Customers complain that they are unable to resolve the matter when they contact customer service or visit their local branch and are stuck with fees that they didn’t agree to.

Others claim that they are being charged fees when they have no access to their funds due to garnishment or when there was unauthorized activity on their account.   In other cases, customers claim to have been charged ATM fees for transactions that were ultimately declined. They didn’t receive the money, yet they were charged a fee.

Fraudulent Charges

Customers report leaving PNC due to poor security over their bank and credit card accounts.  When they report fraudulent charges to customer service, they are often told that they need to provide proof that they did not instigate the charges.  Frustrated customers complain that they cannot submit proof for a charge that they didn’t make. In other cases, they are told that the disputed charges are too old and cannot be reversed.

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Poor Customer Service

A common grievance of customers is the lack of service that they receive when they call the customer service line or visit their local branch. Some claim that the agents are rude and unhelpful.

Customers report that they are given incorrect information about PNC services and promotions.  When they follow up with customer service or the branch, they are often given conflicting information about PNC policies and are unable to resolve their issue.  Others express frustration about long hold times or having to speak with multiple departments to fix their problems. For those customers who are experiencing financial hardship or have been the victim of fraudulent activity, the PNC customer service response to their issues is usually cold and unhelpful.  Rather than working to help a customer in need, the customer service agents stick with the PNC policies and cannot offer any help even in extenuating circumstances.

Customers also express frustration with the PNC app and online banking.  Some report delays when they deposit funds through the app causing them to incur overdraft fees even though the funds are in their account. Others express frustration with they try to reset passwords or stop payment on a check through online banking. Calls to customer service are usually not helpful. Considering how much time people spend on the phone with customer service, this maybe isn’t that surprising.

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