Review and Ratings for PNC Bank

Is PNC Bank a Good Bank?

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Are you considering PNC Bank but you want to know whether they are a good bank before you open an account or even head down to a branch? With so many options on the table it can be difficult to decide where you are going to turn for your next checking account or savings account. Which bank has the best rates? Which has hidden fees? All of these things are important and to help you make an informed decision we’ve compiled reviews and ratings for PNC Bank from a handful of sources.

About PNC Bank

PNC is the sixth biggest bank in the United States and offers customers checking accounts, short-term savings accounts, and long-term savings combinations. They name this trio of products individually but the combination is called a virtual wallet. It is named as such because of the online management tools they give you. The downside is the interest rate you earn on your short-term savings accounts with this bank are very low and you will face a monthly fee on the checking account more often than not.

Services Offered by PNC Bank

As mentioned they have three financial accounts from which to choose.

Virtual Wallet Spend

This is their standard checking account which has also earned a four out of five star rating from NerdWallet. It’s a basic checking account that has free mobile banking services as well as online bill pay. There is a monthly fee of $7 which can be waived if you use direct deposit at all, or if you have a $500 minimum balance in the account. This is much more favorable than other banks which typically require a minimum amount for direct deposit in order to waive the fee. If you use a non PNC ATM, the bank can reimburse those fees.

Virtual Wallet Reserve

This is the short-term savings account which they also referred to as an interest-bearing account that earns 0.01% which is well below the national average of 0.07%. There is a monthly charge to maintain this account.

Virtual Wallet Growth

This is the savings account which NerdWallet ranks 4 out of 5 stars because the APY is 1.2%, significantly higher than most banks, and you are required to maintain a $0 balance. This is the long-term savings account that earns the higher return.


The fixed-rate CD has earned the same rating. It has a minimum deposit requirement of $1,000 but your 1-year APY is 0.10%, while the 3 and 5 year is 0.45%.


They have great customer service availability and the mobile app has earned 3.9 stars out of 5 for Android users and 4.3 stars out of 5 for iPhone users.

PNC Bank has earned a rating of 4 out of 5 stars from NerdWallet. They have a strong mobile presence with a lot of customer service issues, operating 2600 branches across 20 states, with 9,000 ATMs that charge no fees. The downside is you earn 0.01% APY on the short-term savings accounts and the overdraft fee is $36, a fee that can be charged up to four times per day. 

Customer Service Reviews

Customer service reviews indicate that the website is easy enough to navigate, with customers finding it simple to get online services. However, when it comes to reaching out through the customer service phone number, things get more complicated, with one customer echoing sentiments shared by many: “customer service hard to navigate to get to the right department without going through a lot of prompts and transfers to other departments.”

Other complaints have to do with hidden fees especially on the student accounts and saving accounts as well as hidden fees for services like replacement cards which are never fully explained when people sign up. 

Customer Complaints About PNC Bank

While the banking experience might rank highly, the overdraft fee certainly do not. The penalties for overdraft fees beyond a negative balance of $5 is $36 per item and they can charge you for four separate items each day. If you remain negative for 5 days they add another $7 daily fee to that. According to Consumer Affairs, they have a 1.5 out of 5 rating for the overall experience for customers. Many of the complaints have to do with the high overdraft fees especially when fraudulent activity takes place. In these situations consumers have dealt with fraudulent charges and overdraft fees that they have to pay out-of-pocket before the bank will even open the case and review the fraudulent activity in question.

Other consumers have had issues with fraud alerts, forged checks and lost cards all the while PNC holding the accounts and not taking action for the open disputes to reopen the accounts for the consumers in question and to reverse the charges from the fraudulent activity.

What to do if you have a complaint

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