How to Sue SimpliSafe

Make your voice heard and make them pay: These are your options

Has SimpliSafe proved troublesome? Is there a charge that you weren’t expecting or other fraudulent activity? Maybe they charged you twice for something or they used misleading sales tactics, charging you for something that you thought was free or some sort of promotion. If you’re having problems with SimpliSafe, you want them to fix it and if it costs you money you want them to fix it fast. So if you’ve been wronged, now you want to know how to sue SimpliSafe. We can help.

SimpliSafe Customer Service

If you have an issue with your service or account, you can try their site first. They do advise that you call them either at 1 (800) 297-1605 or 1-800-548-9508. The latter is available daily from 9a.m. until midnight EST. 

Sometimes though, they will ask you to admit to something before they solve the problem, and it might be something you didn’t do. Other times they simply won’t credit your account where they should have or will ignore your request all together.

Now you go to small claims court.

Arbitration Clauses

Why small claims court? Because it is one of the only legal options you have with SimpliSafe. Your user agreement with the company, like most companies, likely contains language that prevents you from suing them individually or joining a class action lawsuit. However, you can still use consumer arbitration or use a small claims court. 

Is Small Claims Court the Best Solution?

Just because you have the legal right to sue SimpliSafe in small claims court doesn’t mean that you can. Not every case qualifies.

Firstly, states can typically only provide monetary compensation and not equitable compensation which means you can’t get physical property. What you can get however is the monetary value of that property as well as money for unnecessary charges, that sort of thing.

Secondly, states have monetary limits usually minimum and maximum amounts that qualify and it’s often an average between $5,000 and $10,000 though in some cases it is as low as $2,500. So if you want compensation for fraudulent charges that are only a few hundred dollars in value, you might not qualify for small claims court. However, if you do, you can follow the steps below.

How to Sue SimpliSafe in Small Claims Court

First, you have to send a demand letter. This means you have to contact SimpliSafe one more time just ask them to voluntarily solve the problem before you go to small claims court. In some cases if they truly believe that you’re going to sue them, they will settle now in exchange for you dropping the case.

This demand letter doesn’t have to be overly complicated. It can be just a few short sentences that explain who you are, what your problem is, but you’ve tried to do to fix it with the company so far, and what you want them to do to resolve it now. Send it via certified mail so that you can confirm receipt to their official address:

294 Washington Street Ninth Floor
Boston, MA 02108 USA*

*Note: The address you should use will be listed in your individual agreement.

If they don’t respond to this demand letter or they don’t respond in a sufficient way to fix your problem, you still have options.

  1. Fill out your state required forms.  Go to your state court website to find the required forms. Every state has different forms and some counties within that state might have additional forms. You’ll have to find these on the site, fill them out, and make sure you have enough physical copies. Most courts require three to four copies.
  2. Formally file your complaint with the court.  You will typically have to go to the courthouse in person to hand-deliver these copies. If you’re lucky you might live in a county that allows you to send them by mail or by fax, maybe even online but in most cases you have to go to the courthouse in person. Pay the small claims court filing fee and the county clerk will give you stamped copies of your documents and assign you a court hearing date.
  3. Legally “serve” SimpliSafe. You have to legally notify SimpliSafe that you’ve taken this additional action and you have to serve them copies of the court documents. Your state court website, again, will have the specificity on how this process is to be done. If you don’t follow every single instruction the right way, your case can be thrown out. 
  4.  Go to the right courthouse for your hearing. Be sure to arrive on time in the right building and the right room with all the copies of the documents you filed and any other evidence you have to explain what the problem is with SimpliSafe and what you’ve done so far.

Use Consumer Arbitration

If your case doesn’t qualify for small claims court or this process seems a bit too overwhelming the alternative is consumer arbitration process. The steps for this are pretty similar but the difference is we help you generate the documents and serve the right people. 

Steps to File a Claim Against SimpliSafe with Consumer Arbitration 

  1. Submit your complaint to SimpliSafe. You have to send them an official legal notice informing them that you want them to fix the problem now or you will pursue additional action. To make this easier you can tell us what they did, what you’ve tried to do, and how you want them to fix it now using our online interface. We generate the legal notice for you and submit on your behalf. 
  2. We also create the hard-copy demand letter in which is a time frame. We tell the company to fix it by a specific date or you will go on to consumer arbitration. At this point SimpliSafe might choose to fix the problem, give you an offer and apologize for the oversight. But they might not. If they don’t…
  3. File your arbitration documents from the American Arbitration Association. We file on your behalf with a “documents only” arbitration process so you don’t have to leave your home.
  4. Documents are filed with the American Arbitration Association on your behalf. A case administrator is appointed to collect information from you and from SimpliSafe, schedule any appointments, and inform you when an arbitrator is assigned. The arbitrator sets a hearing date just like a judge, and you can choose to do this over the phone, in person, or “documents only”. 

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