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SoulCycle is a fitness brand that combines the ideas of fitness and wellness into a high-energy, highly choreographed experience in a dimly lit workshop. Often, it is difficult to reserve a stationary bicycle in any one of SoulCycle’s hundreds of studios around the United States — and world. SoulCycle capitalizes on the sense of exclusivity that surrounds the brand. In fact, it has been common for many riders in certain cities to find themselves working out next to celebrities.

Many riders have spoken to the benefits that SoulCycle has imparted to them, including challenging workouts, encouraging affirmations, and an overall feeling of wellbeing after a class. However, there are just as many complaints against SoulCycle as there are good reviews, so do your research before deciding whether you are willing to shell out the cash for a package of SoulCycle classes. 

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Services You’re Paying for at SoulCycle

Class services, times, and frequencies depend on how you purchase your passes and what city you live in — prices vary. 

For example, if you live in New York City and wish to purchase a single class as a new rider, expect to pay $25. A grouping of three classes for newcomers could cost $75 in New York City. Beyond that, classes are purchased within groupings. At New York prices, five classes cost $175, 10 classes cost $340, 20 classes cost $640, 30 classes cost $900, and 50 classes cost $3,500. 

Expect add-ons for purchase in classes, including clip-on biking shoes for rental, bottled water for purchase, and concierge reserving services for in-class positions.

Beyond class prices, SoulCycle also sells merchandise, including cycling shoes that clip onto the exercise bikes, bath products, workout gear like leggings, sports bras, lounge wear, and more. You can also purchase a SoulCycle brand stationary bike for working out at home, where you can also access SoulCycle workouts virtually through SiriusXM or other digital services.

Common SoulCycle Complaints

When customers purchase bundles of multiple SoulCycle classes, the bundles come with a date of expiration. For example, if you purchase the 50-class bundle at $3,500, you have 12 months — a year — to attend the classes. If you fail to attend all 50 classes within that yearlong period, you lose them. This is a common complaint from SoulCycle customers, including some complaints that have escalated to class action lawsuits.

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Other complaints against SoulCycle have hinged around safety concerns, including with equipment and signature SoulCycle choreography. Many have complained that SoulCycle does not take basic exercise safety concerns into consideration when planning classes or choreography. There have been several complaints centered around both the safety of choreography and the effectiveness of certain moves and practices during classes. 

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