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How to File a Complaint Against Sprint

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Fighting against large corporations when they violate your service contract or their service isn’t what they promised can be very intimidating. For those who reach out to the customer service department the resolution is often unsatisfactory. Whether Sprint has overcharged you, used misleading promotions or sales tactics when you signed up for their service, or their service just doesn’t meet expectations, you can get compensation by filing a claim or submitting a complaint against Sprint. 

There is one thing you can’t do: the user agreement for Sprint customers has fine print that says you cannot get compensation or legal remedies through class action lawsuits. So what are your other options when it comes to ways to file a complaint against Sprint? And how can FairShake help? 

Learn about the Ways to File a Claim against Sprint

File a Claim against Sprint in Small Claims Court

What is it? This is a legal claim against Sprint in small claims court. It is often your only legal option where courts and lawsuits are concerned because the contract with Sprint has wording that prohibits you from seeking compensation via class action lawsuits. 

When to try it: If you have the time and energy to regularly go back and forth to your courthouse, file paperwork, and pay filing fees, this is a good (and public) way to lodge your complaint against Sprint. 

What you need to do: Follow the steps laid out here in FairShake’s Guide to Sue Sprint in Small Claims Court.

What to expect: There are very specific rules you have to follow. Even minor mistakes can result in your case being thrown out. But if you have a good claim and you follow all the rules, it’s very likely that you will receive compensation. Every state has a monetary limit to how much compensation you can receive, usually no more than $10,000.

File a Claim against Sprint with your Credit Card Provider

What is it?  Whenever you pay for a service like a monthly Sprint bill, or a single product like a cell phone from Sprint, you and the company with whom you made the purchase agree to follow the rules set out by the financial organization that facilitates that purchase which, if you use a credit card, is your credit card company. Credit card companies give you options to dispute certain types of charges when they violate that agreement. 

When to try it: If you have a claim against Sprint because of a one time charge or a one time fee which you paid using your credit card, you can submit documented evidence to support that claim with your credit card provider. 

What you need to do: Usually companies make it very easy for you to dispute a charge through your account. Just log into your credit card account and find the area associated with disputes or fraudulent activity and follow the steps to submit a claim.

What to expect: Credit card companies will typically reimburse you or take the charge off your bill while they investigate. The investigation might take a few months during which time they could ask for more documentation from you and reach out to sprint on your behalf.

File an FCC Complaint against Sprint

What is it? The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a government agency that regulates some of Sprint’s business. The FCC is a way for consumers to submit claims and complaints against Sprint and other telecommunications companies.  What happens once you submit a claim to the FC see about Sprint is based on the internal procedures of the organization. They do have formal complaint processes but you have to pay a fee.

When to try it:  If you are frustrated with Sprint and you want the government to know about your issue, this is a great option. Be advised that filing an FCC complaint against Sprint doesn’t give you compensation but it does make your issue public. 

What you need to do: File an informal complaint against Sprint on the FCC’s public website by following the instructions listed here.

What to expect: Your complaint gets posted online in a public database. In the event that the FCC is regulating Sprint, they might use your complaint as evidence. In high-profile cases where there is negligence, the FCC might issue fines against Sprint.

File a Better Business Bureau Complaint against Sprint

What is it? The Better Business Bureau is a private organization which publishes authentic consumer complaints about different companies and gives those companies a public forum in which to address the complaints. Good companies use tools like the Better Business Bureau to facilitate open communication with customers and make it clear that they work regularly to address customer complaints. However not all companies use it as they should.

When to try it: If you see Sprint’s BBB page has a lot of activity and the company is regularly responding to other complaints, you have a high chance of getting a response. However, you are allowed to publicize any unethical business practices you have experienced at any time.

What you need to do: Go to Sprint’s BBB profile and follow the instructions for submitting a complaint.

What to expect:  What happens next is entirely based on whether Sprint decides to respond to you. Sprint can respond to any customer complaint and issue compensation, but they can also choose to completely ignore the issue in which case you get nothing but the satisfaction of making your complaint public.

File a Complaint Against Sprint through Binding Arbitration

What is it? Remember the earlier mention of the small print of your Sprint contract?  That small print means you cannot participate in a class action lawsuit but it also means you can utilize binding arbitration as a legal alternative to a lawsuit. Binding arbitration costs companies like Sprint money, so once they are notified that you have started the process, they will very likely try to settle early.

When to try it:  Any situation where you believe Sprint intentionally misled you, violated the law, or violated their contract with you is grounds for using consumer arbitration. Arbitration claims are not just a chance to list your complaints against the company but rather an opportunity for you to say exactly what you want Sprint to do to fix the problem which can include financial compensation.

What you need to do: Fill out our form below, to start your claim against Sprint .

What to expect: For more details about arbitration, click here. You can also start your claim below and let FairShake help!

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