How to reduce your cable bill from SuddenLink

Can’t pay your Suddenlink bill?  Have you been overcharged for your service?
We break down your options to reduce your bill.

Are you being overcharged by Suddenlink?  Did you fall behind paying your bill due to high late fees?  Have you tried resolving your billing issue but found customer service absolutely no help?

So now you want to know:  How do I reduce my bill from Suddenlink?

If you are struggling to pay your Suddenlink bill every month, you may be able to reduce it.  Below we walk through a few steps that can help you save money on your Suddenlink bill;

  • Read your monthly statement
  • Talk to customer service
  • Suddenlink discounts and promotions

If you are looking for ways to reduce your Suddenlink bill, read on to find out how.

Read your monthly statement

Many times, customers struggle with their monthly payment because they are being billed the wrong amount or they have charges on their bills that they didn’t authorize.  According to the Better Business Bureau, Suddenlink had 6,581 complaints filed against them.  Almost 50% of these complaints centered on billing practices.  Customers complain that they were charged more than the promotional rate that they were quoted or were charged installation fees when they were told they were free.  In other cases, customers claim they were charged for services that they never received.

Reviewing your statement every month will help you catch errors.  Customers who can’t pay their bill in full are often hit with late fees that can jump up quickly.  Stay on top of your monthly charges to keep your wallet from taking a hit.

Talk to Customer Service

If you are struggling to pay your Suddenlink bill, try calling customer service.  They may be able to reduce your monthly rate over the phone. Or, if you are paying for services that you really don’t use, they may remove these to help lower your bill.

Suddenlink discounts and promotions

Suddenlink has a handful of promotions available to current and new customers.

Altice Mobile plans

Suddenlink customers are eligible to participate in an exclusive $20 per line mobile phone promotion.  The plan features unlimited data and the base $20 rate does not change over time. Current and new Suddenlink customers are eligible for this promotion.  If you are paying more for your phone service, you can save money by getting a better rate.

Altice One

Suddenlink is offering a $54.99 bundled deal that includes internet, television, and phone service.  It is advertised as your “fee for life.” If you are paying more, contact customer service to see if you are eligible for this rate.  While this rate may apply only for new customers, if you are a long-time customer and you kept current on your bills, they may be willing to adjust your rate down.

Gift card promotions

Suddenlink also offers gift card promotions throughout the year.  If you add service, you may be eligible for a $100 Amazon gift card.  There are restrictions to this offer.

From time to time, Suddenlink may offer special promotions based on where you live.  Check the website or call customer service for any promotions that aren’t listed on their website.

If you’ve tried to resolve your billing or payment issue through customer service and just aren’t getting anywhere, consider reaching out to FairShake.   Learn how you can file a claim against Suddenlink.

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