How to Negotiate Your T-Mobile Bill

Are you struggling to pay your T-Mobile bill?  Are you paying more for your service than you think you should?
We break down your options to reduce your T-Mobile bill.

Do you find yourself struggling to pay your T-Mobile bill every month?  Does it seem like you are being charged more than what you were quoted? Or are you just down on your luck, but haven’t been able to get any relief from T-Mobile’s customer service?

So now you want to know:  How do I reduce my bill from T-Mobile?

If you are having a hard time paying your T-Mobile bill every month, you may be able to reduce your monthly bill.  Below we walk through a few steps that can help you save money on your T-Mobile bill;

  • Read your monthly bill
  • Only get the services that you need
  • Take advantage of special T-Mobile discounts and promotions

If you need to reduce your monthly T-Mobile bill, keep reading to find out how.

Review your monthly bill

Take the time to read and understand your bill, every month.  This helps to ensure that you are being billed for the services and the amounts that you agree to.  When we skip reviewing your bills, you can find yourself paying for things that you shouldn’t be.

According to the Better Business Bureau, there were 19,037 complaints lodged against T-Mobile over the past three years.   These complaints range from;

  • Customers not receiving promotional rates that they signed up for
  • Double billing
  • Charges for services that customers didn’t use or agree to
  • Fraudulent charges
  • Installation or other fees that should have been waived

In some cases, customers signed up for special promotions that would give them gift cards or credits toward their service that were not received.

Get the services that you need

When you purchase service through a telecommunications provider, they may sell you a bundled product to keep your cost low.  In some cases, this may not always be the best deal because you are paying for services that you may never use. If you opt for a lesser plan, you may be able to save yourself some money each month.

In other cases, you may be paying for more than what you need.  If you don’t use a lot of data, you may be able to reduce your data plan to an amount that you use.  You still have access to a data plan, just at a lower monthly rate.

Cell phone companies often run special promotions to upgrade your phone to a newer model.  While getting something new can be exciting, it can end up costing you more money in the long run.  You may be tacking on an additional fee to finance your phone or an extra charge after the promotional rate runs out.  Unless you absolutely need a new phone, consider holding onto your old one for a while to help keep your costs low.

T-Mobile discounts and promotions

T-Mobile offers a variety of special discounts and promotions to new and existing customers.

Discounts for new customers

If you are currently receiving an employee or affiliate discount with AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, T-Mobile will match this up to $15 for one line and up to $30 for two or more lines.

Employer discounts

Your employer may have a special arrangement with T-Mobile that will extend a discount to its employees.

Affiliate discounts

You may be able to get a discount through a third-party vendor that you work with.

Senior discounts

T-Mobile offers customers who are 55 years and older special pricing.  Lines charges range from $27.50 to $45 and require two lines.

Military discounts

Active and retired members of the military may be eligible for special pricing that ranges from $25 to $35 per line, depending upon the plan you choose.  The plan includes 4 lines.

First responder discounts

State and local first responders and their families may be eligible for a promotional price of $25 to 35 per line, depending upon the plan chosen. Special pricing applies to 4 lines.

Lifeline program

T-Mobile participates in the Lifeline program, which is designed for low-income households.  Under this plan, you can save up to $9.25 on one line on your plan. Income restrictions apply.

Business family discounts

If you have a business account with T-Mobile, you may be eligible for a special discount on your family plan.  Eligible customers can receive up to 50% off of their first two lines.

Before you switch your plan to take advantage of T-Mobile’s discounts or special pricing, be sure that you understand what the terms are.  If you aren’t eligible for the discount, you can find yourself owing a lot of money. To find out more about T-Mobile’s discounts and special pricing, click here.

If you’ve tried to resolve your billing or payment issue through customer service and just aren’t getting anywhere, consider reaching out to FairShake.   We can help you file a claim against T-Mobile.

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