Is T-Mobile Service Good? Reviews and Ratings for T-Mobile

Having issues with T-Mobile? You may have legal options.

T-Mobile is just one of many wireless service providers you can find in the US. Are they worth your time and money, especially when so many other big companies seem to have shady business practices? Let’s find out.

T-Mobile Ratings

One of the best ways to determine whether a company is worthwhile is to check out their ratings across the Internet. This is easy since there are so many sites to examine, plus perspectives from experts, industry enthusiasts, and from average users all at the same time.

Bestcompany.com is one such resource you can examine. They both collect reviews from average folks and provide their own in-depth analyses of companies and products all the time. When it comes to T-Mobile, they give the cell service a 7.3 score overall out of 10. Meanwhile, over 1000 customer reviews combine up to a 3.7-star score out of 5. Numerical reversal aside, this does show that average people may have serious and consistent complaints that experts might not experience.

But one site isn’t enough – you have to check multiple. Yelp is a good resource to see the opinion of regular people who stop by brick-and-mortar cell provider stores. T-Mobile’s score here is about what you would expect given Yelp’s vulnerability to spammers (people who inundate companies with low scores just for fun or “trolling”). They have a 3-star score overall, but this can change depending on the specific store you check out.

Reviews.org is another good source for rating information. They review both services and products through in-depth articles that leave no stone unturned. They give T-Mobile a 4 out of 5-star rating, which is pretty good considering the potential for huge customer discontent seen earlier. Specifically, reviews.org likes T-Mobile’s straightforward plans and pricing, the amount of data customers can use per month, and good ratings for 4G speed. But they do note that T-Mobile significantly lacks coverage for rural areas.

T-Mobile’s Telecommunications Services

All the ratings aside, T-Mobile is only worth your time if they actually have services and products that work for your needs.

Their basic plan is Magenta, which starts at $30 per line per month, although you can go up to four lines overall. Remember that additional taxes and fees are included in these plans, so your ultimate monthly bill may be higher than you anticipate. Additional plans include special “4 for $25” offers, plus special discounts for customers over the age of 55 and military veterans. A First Responder plan is available for police officers and firefighters as well.

Furthermore, T-Mobile offers tons of phones, tablets, and devices. These are most Android-run, though you can still find some iPhone models here and there. Most of these come with reasonable monthly payments and don’t require a down payment, though beware high APRs as a result of these agreements.

All in all, T-Mobile offers a good spread of different cellular plans, plus modern mobile devices to suit a variety of users and needs.

T-Mobile Complaints and Customer Reviews

Reviews are one thing: seeking out customer complaints deliberately to see what people complain about the most is often more effective to gauge what trouble you may run into in the future. The Better Business Bureau is the best resource for this type of research, as you can compare different customer complaints against one another and see whether T-Mobile has a habit of resolving those complaints through outreaching service representatives.

The BBB indicates that T-Mobile has an average customer review rating of 1.2 stars out of 5: not too great overall. Plus, over 16,700 complaints were filed over the last three years. Granted, over 4000 were also closed, but that’s not the best proportion.

More specifically, most customers complained about problems with products or services, with billing and collections in a distant second. This indicates that most common issues are probably with spotty coverage (maybe in rural areas, as noted above) or with phones that don’t work or can’t very easily be repaired.

T-Mobile Lawsuits

A company’s history of lawsuits can often provide a key insight into their future. So let’s take a look.

As early as July 2020, both Apple and T-Mobile were faced with a class-action lawsuit over allegations that they did not disclose security issues which later made it possible for third parties to access video calls and messages through specialized apps. Basically, their products weren’t very secure and customers’ data and livelihoods were jeopardized.

There are earlier lawsuits to take note of as well. For instance, T-Mobile was sued by New York City itself in 2019 since the company allegedly sold used mobile phones as new devices, and then put customers on expensive financing plans without getting their consent beforehand. This is more of an issue than it may first appear; remember that financing plans can affect your credit score. In this way, T-Mobile allegedly caused huge credit score dips for many of its customers. This may lead to wide-ranging negative effects in the future for those folks.

All this shows that, for all its benefits, T-Mobile definitely has some trouble spots and you aren’t guaranteed perfect service with them. This being said, they do have some good plans, particularly if you are a first responder or can benefit from any of the other discounts available on the main website.

If T-Mobile ever does treat you poorly or you have a legitimate grievance, FairShake can help. While your contract with T-Mobile may contain a clause preventing you from filing a traditional lawsuit against them, you’ll still have some legal avenues in the form of small claims court lawsuits and consumer arbitration.

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