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T-Mobile 5G Slower than Promised?

Some subscribers find 5G isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Are you having issues with T-Mobile 5G?

Is T-Mobile 5G slower than promised? Did you pay extra to switch to the 5G network but now you are getting slower service than your friends who stayed with 4G coverage? Here’s what you can do to get compensation.

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What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks around the globe. It is the latest generation in mobile networks that’s designed to have the biggest network capacity to meet the needs of more users, using multiple devices, for heavier data reliant activities like video streaming in high definition formats, or virtual reality.

When did T-Mobile start offering 5G?

December 2, 2019 T-Mobile began offering 5G.

T-Mobile 5G Prices

The prices for unlimited plans range based on what amenities you want and whether you have a compatible phone. You can also add things like tablets or smart watches to your plan which will increase the price. 

  • At their most basic levels, for one phone you can pay $60 per month for the essentials plan which gives you access to 5G at no additional cost, or 
  • You can get the magenta plan at $70 per month which gives you access to Netflix and limited Mobile Hotspot data. 
  • The magenta Max at $85 per month gives you unlimited data with a Netflix account and higher speed Mobile Hotspot data.

What T-Mobile Promised

T-Mobile has said a lot about what their 5G network will provide. They claim that they will “build American’s largest 5G network” and that “T-Mobile’s 5G network will have “more towers, more engineers, and more coverage” than 5G networks of competitors because of its merger with Sprint. The company also claims that they “will deliver unprecedented reach…” 

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The deals T-Mobile offered for new 5G service and devices

To try and convince customers to make the upgrade, especially when the reality isn’t matching the promises, T-Mobile has started things like a campaign to “give away free” 5G phones.

As of right now roughly 10% of T-Mobile customers have made the switch with 90% settling for 4G coverage. In order to change that T-Mobile is giving away a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G in exchange for any functioning cell phone that has a T-Mobile cell phone line or wants a T-Mobile cell phone line, but it requires that you sign up for a 2-year contract and if you cancel prematurely you will owe all the remaining costs. There are extra fees like sales tax and a $20 fee that is listed as “assisted or upgrade support charge”, in addition to a debt of $282 for the Samsung Galaxy phone that gets spread out over the two years of your contract. 

Anyone loyal to Apple products will find this deal is slightly less favorable as customers can trade in iPhone 11 models for a new iPhone 12 when they make the switch to 5G. Any older iPhones can be traded in as well but only in exchange for half off the cost of an iPhone 12.

The Reality of T-Mobile 5G

The BBB has found the recent T-Mobile 5G advertisements to be misleading. In fact, the Better Business Bureau National Advertising Division has concluded that T-Mobile needs to modify the claims in their advertisements today to avoid implying to customers that as a result of their merger with Sprint, any of the claims listed above will become immediately available. It was concluded that the claims associated with the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint will not be readily available to most customers and that T-Mobile cannot claim to be the best network with the most reliable 5G at this time.

Additionally there are 14,846 complaints against them, 13,335 of which have to do with service problems. 

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One customer explained that T-Mobile failed to inform customers they would need an entirely new phone to use 5G: “One rep informed me I may need to purchase a new phone so I can actually CONNECT to the 5G network, which was VERY FRUSTRATING TO HEAR. Had I known that T-Mobile was not as advanced as Verizon, to provide the same network for all cellphone holders, I would have NEVER transferred by account back to T-Mobile.”

In terms of their “deals”, one FairShake customer explained: 

Switch carriers from Boost Mobile to T-Mobile Because I was told I would be paying the same amount that was paying a boost better service anywhere offering buy 1 get 1 free for Samsung at which time These phones were $1299.09 but I ended up paying a down payment on both phones for the amount of $986 paid 1 phone my phone and on top of that I paid $1286.72 for my phone I paid $1050 for my fiancée’s phone the other 2 phones on my contract were supposed to be free of charge…we also traded in 2 phones my wife traded in her Samsung Galaxy note 9 and we traded in my son’s K51 LG which they gave us no credit for…the assistant me at the store logged herself into her email on my phone which she activated, it stole the 2 $900 E gift cards. I still haven’t been over the log into my account because I don’t know the passcode that she set up she because service things I call they say they can’t give information to me because I am not the account holder but I’m the one forking out all the money I feel deceived disrespected all being said buy 1 get 1 free cost me right around $3500 cash out the door when these phones are even worth that much. I could have paid these phones off in full from Samsung at $900 Dollars a phone which was still be cheaper than T-Mobile’s buy 1 get 1 free ********Their buy 1 get 1 free cost me $3500 out the door and I was lied to about my monthly bill payment because I was paying 121 app Boost Mobile a month and now I’m paying a 197 month a T-Mobile”

Sound familiar?

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This is a common occurrence given that T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon all have different variations of 5G Networks requiring new cell phones. T-Mobile for example has worked hard on the mid band iteration, the middle ground when it comes to speed and coverage out of the three available options. T-Mobile is currently the only carrier that has such a large mid-band Network but now they have further divided the available 5G Services into what are called ultra-capacity 5G which is the faster of the varieties and extended range 5G which is the name for low band network. Regardless, you will likely need a new phone to use either. 

Coverage Problems with 5G

Availability is another problem with T-Mobile. T-Mobile has decent network coverage in dense areas but their overall coverage is still much less than what competitors offer like AT&T or Verizon. There are plenty of places across the United States where T-Mobile customers simply won’t get any coverage let alone 5G coverage.

Below is the coverage map for T-Mobile:

T-Mobile Map of 5G Service

What you can do if your 5G is slower than promised

It’s possible that you can get compensation from your phone company if your 5G service or device is not what was promised to you when you purchased it. Let our expert team help you submit a claim and win. Tell us what happened below.

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