Are Truist Accounts Protected From Fraud?

If you’re facing fraud and Truist won’t listen, we want to hear about it…

Identity theft and fraudulent activity can be financially crippling and time-consuming. Even if companies investigate, it can take months before you get a resolution. So what options do you have if you suspect fraudulent activity on your Truist account? We explain.

Are Accounts Protected Against Fraud?

Truist offers personal and business checking accounts and debit cards. They also issue prepaid cards and credit cards. The fraud protection you have is based on your account type:

  1. If you have personal debit cards for your checking account or prepaid cards, you have no liability. This means any unauthorized transactions are not your financial responsibility. Checking accounts have federal protection against fraud thanks to Federal Reserve Regulation E.
  2. If you have prepaid cards, these are not protected by federal law and are often treated as cash, therefore not subject to any liability regulation if lost, stolen, or used for fraudulent activity.

If you have credit cards, your liability for unauthorized use is capped at $50 on a federal level, but Truist has a zero liability policy.

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Contact Truist to Report Fraud

To report fraud, you should contact Truist immediately. Be prepared to have the exact data about the disputed transaction and your account number. They don’t have a separate fraud department number. You call their main customer service number: 844-4TRUIST (844-487-8478). If you call from outside the U.S., use this number instead: +1-910-914-8250. 

When you first visit their instruction page for reporting fraud, you will see that Truist provides a lot of steps to take outside of their company, especially for credit card fraud, before using Truist customer service

Credit Cards

On their “fraud and security” page for “how to report fraud” for a Truist credit card, they first suggest that if you suspect fraud, you should alert the credit bureaus:

  • Equifax: 800-349-9960
  • Experian: 888-397-3742
  • TransUnion: 888-909-8872
  • Innovis: 800-540-2505

Second, they suggest you report it to the FTC:

Third, they suggest you file a copy of your FTC report with the local police. 

Fourth, they suggest you consider freezing your account and getting a new card. 

Fifth, they suggest you get a copy of your credit report and enroll in credit monitoring. 

Checking Accounts

On their “fraud and security” page for “how to report fraud” for a Truist bank account or debit card, they first suggest that you call Truist customer service and open a claim. 

Second, they suggest you lock your card or account and get a new card. 

If you receive any suspicious emails, you can forward them to emailabuse@truist.com

Does Truist Really Investigate Fraud?

It’s in the best interest of all financial organizations, including Truist to investigate fraud. Even though they don’t have a dedicated fraud department, you can contact for problems, and it might not seem like they are doing anything, they do investigate all reports of fraud. Once a resolution has been reached following the investigation, they will send a letter to the address you have on file with the findings. 

Unfortunately, the company says that the length of time it takes to process a claim is based on the type of claim filed. They don’t provide any actionable information on how long it will take for your fraud to be investigated.

Still, this doesn’t mean that customers are always satisfied with the process. News reports have stated that customers have complained about Truist and fraudulent activities on their accounts but can’t seem to get customer service to respond. One customer explained:

“I’ve written a comment about two weeks ago telling that my bank account was hacked and Truist won’t refund me back the zelle payments which is $2,800 I have never used zelle. And the lady I spoke to just took it off of my banking app and that’s all she did. I’ve called every day, and you have to wait 4 hours to even speak to someone. I even contacted federal trade and public commissions. Does anyone know who else I can do or contact? I’m literally sick to my stomach. I’m a single mom. I just want my money back that is mine! I never had this problem with BB&T. Truist has to be the worst bank! Our money should be protected.”

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Does Truist Reimburse Stolen Money?

The company stipulates that any fees associated with unauthorized transactions and the unauthorized transactions themselves are eligible for reimbursement. However, getting a replacement card sent to you quickly comes with a separate fee.

What can a scammer do with my bank account or credit card number?

If a scammer gets a hold of your bank account for your credit card number from Truist they can steal your identity, steal money directly from your account, make unauthorized transactions, order checks in your name and write them, etc. This is why it’s so important to have your issue taken seriously.

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What to Do If Truist Won’t Help

You have other options if you have tried to report your fraudulent activity but aren’t having any luck with Truist customer service. You might not be able to join Truist lawsuits, but you can file a complaint with FairShake, sue in small claims court, or you file an official dispute with consumer arbitration. 

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