How Do I Contact U-Haul?

The inside track to contact U-Haul execs. And what to do if they won’t listen…

Do you have a problem with U-Haul? Maybe you use their service for a recent move but looking at your bill you see a range of hidden U-Haul fees you weren’t expecting. Perhaps they won’t provide a refund they promised or their sales staff misled you. Now you want them to fix the problem.

You can start by reaching out to their main customer service line at 1 (800) 468-4285.

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However, this might not have solved your problem in the past so now you want a way to contact a real person or reach out to the U-Haul corporate office and get help. 

How do I Contact a Real Person at U-Haul?

Here are some customer service hacks you can use to get a hold of a real person at the U-Haul corporate office who can solve your problem:

Call the corporate office at 1-800-528-6042.

The U-Haul corporate office is a good way for you to get in touch with someone who can, at the very least, redirect your call to the appropriate office. Instead of waiting in line on the regular customer service number, this number is an alternative. It won’t necessarily get you in touch with someone right away because the office is primarily in charge of sales and getting people to sign up for the service, but if you have a problem with your previous service, they can at least point you in the right direction.

Call your local office number. 

U-Haul has a range of local customer service numbers you can call if you have a customer complaint. You can use websites like the BBB to find the respective business profile page for the U-Haul company in your area. For example, if you are in the San Francisco area, you can call (415) 252-0133 to get help with your issue.

Try social media messages.

U-Haul has a few social media Pages, specifically Facebook and Twitter. They do respond to private messages, though they will very likely delete public complaints if you post them. They don’t have any public complaints on their respective pages, they only have advertisement contents so if  anyone complained on the public pages, it was very likely removed but communication continued through private messages.

How do I Contact U-Haul with a Legal Complaint?

If customer service didn’t solve your issue and you still want to file a complaint or pursue some sort of legal process, you have a couple of options.

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Your first option is to use small claims court.

Small claims court is one of the legal paths you can pursue if you want to submit a legal complaint or start a legal process against U-Haul. Most of the time your user agreement with the company says that you can’t join U-Haul lawsuits, but this usually applies to class action lawsuits. Suing in small claims court in your area, so long as you follow the procedure properly, is usually a good way to get a resolution. Be advised that it’s up to you to go to your local courthouse and abide by the local and state rules. 

Your second option is to use consumer arbitration.

Consumer arbitration is another option that lets you bring your dispute with U-Haul to an independent arbitrator. This is usually a way for customers who have significant complaints against large companies like U-Haul to get compensation in an easier fashion. Instead of going before a judge, you forgot your case through arbitration but it all starts with contacting you all to start arbitration and get them to act.

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