Common Complaints Against Verizon Wireless

What complaints do people like you have against Verizon Wireless? And what can you do about them?

Does your Verizon Wireless service cut in and out?  Do your phones work for a few weeks and then just freeze?   Did you spend hours on the phone with customer service only to be told that you have to go to the local Verizon Wireless location to fix your problem?  Have you tried resolving your problem at your local Verizon Wireless store only to walk away frustrated? If you are unhappy with the service you receive from Verizon Wireless, you aren’t alone.  Over the past three years, Verizon Wireless has had 23,724 complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau.

Top complaints that customers have with Verizon Wireless

  1. Problems with products or services
  2. Billing errors
  3. Misleading advertising

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Problems with Verizon Wireless products or service

They sent me a “like new” refurbished phone that had a bad charging port. Now the phone won’t turn on at all and they are telling the insurance and warranty are void since the phone won’t turn on and want me to pay the whole $160 deductible to get another replacement after only 3 months!

Anonymous Complaint

Customer say that they encounter many problems with Verizon Wireless products and services including:

  1. Phones not working properly – Customers report defective phones and tablets, scrambled numbers and names, phones not being recognized as Verizon Wireless phones, dropped calls, and poor service.
  2. Incorrect information given out from stores – Several complaints come from stores giving customers the wrong information about product upgrades and returns.  In some cases, the customer was ineligible for the upgrade, so they were charged a much higher rate than they were told. Other times, customers were not told about activation, transfer, or setup fees that would be charged to their accounts.
  3. Poor customer service – Rude or unresponsive customer service is a frequent complaint.  Customers often report that promised changes are not made to their account. After spending hours on the phone fixing the problem, they see that the problem was not fixed when they review next month’s bill.  So they end up having to take more time out of their day to call back in.

Billing errors

One of the top complaints from customers is being charged for phones that have been returned.  Either Verizon Wireless has no record of the return or they deny the customer credit due to the condition of the phone.  In other cases, customers are billed for amounts higher than what they were told or they are being charged for plans that they didn’t sign up for.

Misleading advertising

For the last 6 months my phone service (calls and texts) have not been working consistently. I have many screen shots with different time stamps showing my dropped calls, text messages that wouldn’t go through etc. I switched to Verizon Wireless because their advertising says the have the best service and I need my phone for business.

Anonymous Complaint

A common practice of cellphone providers is to offer special incentives and promotions for new and existing customers.  These often include phone upgrades, additional lines, increased minutes, or new services. In some cases, customers were ineligible to participate or the plan wasn’t explained properly.  Frustrated customers are then charged higher rates than what they understood. Complaints also indicate that promised discounts or credits do not show up on customer bills for several months, if at all.
If you continue to experience problems with Verizon Wireless and are just not getting the resolution you think you deserve, there is help.  FairShake works with consumers to file claims against Verizon Wireless.

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