How to Leave a Review for Airbnb

When customer service fails, leaving a review for Airbnb can get your complaint resolved.

Airbnb can be a wonderful app for both renters and hosts, but things often go awry either as a result of one bad party or because of Airbnb’s own policies regarding refunds. In fact, many of Airbnb’s complaints from its customers specifically refer to their refund policy not being fulfilled after a bad hosting engagement or when a guest did something wrong.

Airbnb is supposed to help cover at least some of the costs involved with a rental arrangement gone wrong. But when they don’t, it’s easy to feel powerless and taken advantage of.

You might decide to leave a bad review for Airbnb, especially at well-known places like the Better Business Bureau or consumeraffairs.com. However, leaving a review is not always the right move.

When Leaving a Review Isn’t the Right Move

You might want to leave a review because you want to make Airbnb feel your frustration and get real action taken for your grievance. You might have even heard that customer service representatives check these forums for customer complaints and deal with them individually.

But the truth is, bad reviews rarely lead to actionable results. At FairShake, we know that this outcome is especially frustrating, so we decided to come up with a way to really get results.

In fact, we help customers just like you find resolutions against their grievances with Airbnb all the time. Instead of leaving a review, we pursue a process called consumer arbitration. 

How can FairShake Help?

Our consumer arbitration process extremely easy to start. All you have to do is answer a few questions by using the form at the bottom of the screen and we’ll put in the work to send Airbnb a legal notice detailing your grievance. It’s well-written and gets the attention of executives that often discard Internet complaints without batting an eyelash.

After sending a notice, companies like Airbnb often send official responses or try to help settle your complaint. Since most Airbnb complaints are about the refund policy, it’s not unheard of for claimants to get their refund in full, and maybe even some extra credits for use with the app.

However, we don’t always stop there. We can pursue consumer arbitration even further and bring your claim to an independent legal professional called an arbitrator. This is something like a “light” court, where the arbitrator decides who’s right in a given matter and can potentially pressure Airbnb into a more serious settlement.

Does Arbitration Work?

It almost always does, especially since companies like Airbnb don’t want to deal with the bad press of someone taking them actual court. While you may not necessarily get a huge reward, you can often get a refund or whatever other grievance you might have against Airbnb taken care of. 

In total, you can use our consumer arbitration process to handle issues like:

  • customer service representatives misleading you
  • unfulfilled refunds
  • the Airbnb app being hacked
  • your account information being shared without your consent
  • hidden fees
  • and more

Rather than heading to the Internet to fill out another bad review, let FairShake help you take your grievance to Airbnb in a way that they won’t be able to ignore.

Real FairShake Reviews from Folks with Resolved Issues with Airbnb (from Trustpilot)

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