A Customer’s Worst Nightmare: Complaints Against AT&T that Should Shock You

Ripped off or hassled by AT&T? You’re not alone

Billing errors. Aggressive sales tactics. Spam calls.

Complaints like these are submitted against AT&T from all over the U.S. With limited choices for internet, TV, and phone access, many AT&T customers feel trapped in their contracts, despite poor customer service and mistakes that can cost them money.

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Since calling customer service over and over against may be a literal nightmare, many folks have taken to Twitter (and to the FairShake complaint library) to voice their dissatisfaction with AT&T’s service.

Billing errors are among the most common complaints against AT&T

Often AT&T customers are perfectly content with their service, but they receive additional bills or are overcharged. Incorrect billing complaints are some of the most common among AT&T customers.

“AT&T said “okay look, I know this is your money and you have a right to it, but actually it’s our money and you have no right to it.” Then double charged me.”

Aggressive sales tactics and spam calls get customers down

Many customers report that, even though they already pay AT&T for one or more services, they keep getting hassled by sales calls. Often, these sales people can be aggressive, try to sell customers on things they don’t need, or persistently call customers.

“AT&T salesmen be trying to hard to make additional sales, damn near had to argue with this mf just to find out I was getting another cord for free”

“Hey @ATT how many phone numbers do I have to block before I stop getting “courtesy” calls? I don’t have any AT&T accounts and likely never will after all the annoying sales calls.”

“Hey AT&T how do I get your direct tv people to stop calling me? All of my privacy settings say not to. Some of those people are really rude!!!”

The real life consequences not everyone considers

Complaints against AT&T aren’t just about people wanting stellar customer service. It is not too much to ask of a big company to treat its customers fairly. On top of that, the inconveniences these complaints cause everyday people can have much larger consequences for people dealing with other setbacks, like disability, poverty, or unemployment.

“AT&T continues to open accounts for my father that has Dementia even though I have told them the situation. They have charged his acct many times and will not flag his acct because they don’t want to miss the opportunity to get another acct on his address if he moves out.”

It can feel hopeless to try and get big companies like AT&T to fix issues like these, but there is a way to get AT&T to listen to your complaint and give you a fair resolution.

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