How to Get Better CenturyLink Customer Service

Not getting results from CenturyLink customer service? You may have options to escalate…

When you sign CenturyLink’s contract, you’re putting your trust in their service for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, internet and cable companies have a tendency to misplace that trust with poor customer service. Although many companies are trying to clean up their image, consumers are often still left in the dust. Phone calls often lead to nowhere (assuming you even get a hold of a real person), and you might not even get a response after leaving a nasty review.

If you find yourself wondering how to receive some actual customer service from CenturyLink, you have a couple of different options. While you might get lucky with one method, don’t be surprised if you have to try several to get the answers you’re looking for.

1. Use Social Media and Online Reviews

Although it may not be the most effective way to receive immediate customer service, leaving a review of CenturyLink’s performance can definitely get your frustrations seen. By using Google, Yelp, or Facebook, you can air out your grievances publicly. Although it can be satisfying, it often takes companies time to look over these reviews, and frankly, they may not be a priority.

Another, similar option is to reach out to CenturyLink’s social media. Direct messaging them is one approach, whether using their official Twitter or their official Facebook. You should receive a fairly prompt message penned by a member of CenturyLink’s customer advocacy team. Alternatively, putting them on blast may get you the attention you’re looking for, though you might want to try less volcanic approaches first.

Hey, @CenturyLinkHelp I’m the guy that’s on hold right now…28 minutes so far. Trying to cancel my account, if you’re trying to wait me out it ain’t gonna work.

— Mechanic-Man (@mechanicman_com) October 28, 2019

If your problem can be solved with some troubleshooting, you may want to post on CenturyLink’s somewhat active subreddit. This is primarily a community of CenturyLink customers, but they may have some answers you’re looking for.

There are a couple more traditional ways to receive some online CenturyLink customer service, including customer service chats and going through email. CenturyLink has a dedicated customer service email address, which may be useful if you need to detail your problem thoroughly. They also have a customer service chat. This method is supposed to get you a real representative, but some companies use AI for computer-generated messages.

2. Reach a Real Person

Although you might be talking to a real person when you reach out to CenturyLink’s online customer service representatives, talking to a human’s voice may be a more comfortable experience. CenturyLink has several contact numbers for customer support, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to reach an actual human. If you’re presented with various phone options, you should listen to them. You may be able to reach the customer service desk by pressing “0” or giving incorrect input too many times, although these aren’t surefire ways to reach human assistance.

“(I) called multiple times and got the run around, then was told that they do provide service, waited and then was told they do not.”

Anonymous Complaint

When you do reach a live person, keep your frustration to a minimum. Customer service phone representatives are more likely to want to help you when you’re polite, but firm. Keeping a firm stance will help you if the representative either wants to sell you something or prevent you from changing your service. Keep in mind, some representatives are ordered to attempt to keep or upsell a customer up to three times, so just stand your ground.

3. Escalate the Issue

If the customer service representatives aren’t resolving your problem, you can ask to escalate the issue to their superior. This is the equivalent of asking for the manager, but it may get you the help you need. This method can be used either online of offline. The representative may adhere to your requests just to keep their manager from getting involved, or you may end up talking to someone with more authority. Either way, make sure you’re polite to the representative on the phone.

Sometimes, you need to bring out the big guns. If customer service isn’t helping you out or you’re just unable to reach someone, you can look for contact information for corporate representatives. CenturyLink has both a president and vice-president of consumer advocacy, both of which would make for appropriate contacts if you feel you need to escalate the issue.

4. Document Your Experience

With each step you take, make sure to keep documentation of all contact you have with CenturyLink customer service. This is easy with online communications, but be sure to save those emails and download any chat transcripts. When talking to customer service phone reps, ask for a confirmation number or email to keep for your records. If you have a particular problem with a representative or a promise is made, it may be beneficial to take down an employee’s name.

If You’re Still Receiving Abysmal Customer Care…

As frustrating as it may be, your CenturyLink problems may not be taken care of. If this happens, you might need to take your complaint further. While small claims court is one option, it’s not the only one. Consumers have the option of filing a claim for arbitration, which is likely much easier than you think it is. You can file online without paying anything, and you may have the possibility of receiving a settlement. When a company doesn’t listen, you can get help.

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