Bill’s Story: FairShake Helps Frontier Customer Who Never Receives the Service he Paid for


Bill G. had just moved into a new house and decided to go with a local/regional cable & internet provider, Frontier Communications.  He had been a Spectrum customer in the past and the service was “just ok.”  Frontier was heavily advertised in his area, so he decided to give the smaller/regional company a try. 

Bill and his family had planned to leave shortly after “the move in” to visit the family’s summer cabin out of town for two weeks.  Just a few days before the family was scheduled to leave town, the Frontier Installation Representative came to the house to install cable, 3 TV’s, a phone line, modem, etc. Bill had left the house, but his wife was home. Right in the middle of the installation, the representative said that he had just received permission from his boss to leave early.  He said that he would complete the installation the following day and left his card.

The following day, the representative did not show up and Bill called and left several messages.  Bill then made several calls to Frontier directly and explained that the service was “partially set up”; he went on to say that they needed the job finished because of going out of town soon. The family tried to watch TV on several occasions those first few days in the new home, but due to partial service, they were not seeing the channels they had signed up for and the entire platform was a confusing mess.  Finally, the family had to leave town with incomplete service.

Another issue early on was trying to get rate plan information. Frontier had promised Bill’s wife a number that would be reflected in the monthly bill, but this did not happen. After receiving the first bill, they noticed another 20% in taxes and various fees that had been added on to the base rate.  The entire situation was very disappointing.  Bill even called the Installation Representative again after returning from the 2-week trip and spent a lot of time trying to reach someone who could help at Frontier. Once he finally reached a representative, they offered at $12.00 credit for the phone line that never worked but insisted that he pay the remainder of the bill.  After repeated attempts to get help through the regular channels, Bill made a formal appeal to Frontier but could not make any progress through the appellate process.

Soon after returning from vacation, Bill decided to cancel his service with Frontier. He was disenchanted with Frontier’s customer service and extremely unhappy about the higher charges for “partial service” that he was expected to pay ($200.00).  Bill and his family were not even home for 2 weeks during the initial first month of service and had only tried to watch cable TV a few times during that month. The Customer Service Representative said that she noticed they had indeed watched TV, so they owed the remainder of the bill.  For Bill, this was outrageous, unacceptable, and unfair.

To make matters worse, he discovered that after cancelling and not paying the disputed bill, Frontier had sent a report of “non-payment” to a credit agency that resulted in a collection notice.  This really upset Bill because he had made so many attempts to call and reasonably resolve the issue.  He did not appreciate being charged the $200.00 for a month of incomplete service and admits that his dissatisfaction is not all about the money.  “$200.00 is not a lot of money, but I was outraged based on ‘principle’ and mainly because I was treated so badly and ignored.” Bill is a huge believer in “fair play” and went on to say, “we played fair by their rules and they dropped the ball.”

After pursuing all consumer recourse avenues and filing many complaints, Bill decided to Google search a company that could help, and he found FairShake! Bill’s initial thought was “What can FairShake do that I have not already done?” but he needed the help and singed up.


Soon after FairShake got involved, Bill received a call from someone from the President’s Office of Frontier Communications.  He was amazed! The representative went over his file step by step and was able to make the prompt decision to refund $190.00, the remainder of the first month’s bill.  Additionally, the representative said that she would contact the credit reporting agency to reverse the collections status and remove anything negative from Frontier.  Bill was also relieved later when he found out that FairShake would be there if the situation became an independent legal process.  Throughout the resolution process with FairShake, Bill became a believer.  He realized very quickly that Frontier finally took him seriously after FairShake entered the picture.

From the beginning to the end of process, Bill was impressed with FairShake.  He was well advised throughout the entire process and grateful for how efficiently they handled his dispute.  Bill considers himself an informed, persistent, and intelligent consumer and he made every attempt to solve his dispute alone.  He sees FairShake as a great consumer resource and ally.  “I was just very pleased with how FairShake worked this out for us.”

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Best of the Best. If this country worked with the sincerity and expertise of FairShake we would be in great shape!

Stocksy_txpd2fb379aCMc200_Medium_1013152 Allie, real FairShake customer

They got more done in a few weeks than I did in over two years.

jonas-kakaroto-KIPqvvTOC1s-unsplash John, real FairShake customer

I can’t say enough good about this company! They are really a light for us in a very hard time.

Mark Mark, real FairShake customer

Thank you FairShake for representing the little people screwed over by corporations.

Stocksy_txpd2fb379aCMc200_Medium_1016567 Amanda, real FairShake customer

I was having problems with the company for months. That you could make it resolved in a few days is wonderful.

eye-for-ebony-nOHn3pIyPaw-unsplash Marisol, real FairShake customer

It's not right what Big Business can get away with if we let them. People need to know someone is out there to help!

Stocksy_txpd2fb379aCMc200_Medium_670432 Virgil, real FairShake customer

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