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How to Contact Fifth Third Bank

If you can’t get what you need out of Fifth Third Bank’s customer service, try filing a free claim instead.


Do you have a complaint against the Fifth Third Bank? Perhaps they are overcharging you on your credit card or their card and services are simply not what you expected so you want to cancel. Maybe you are happy with your Fifth Third Bank card, but you have lost it, or you plan on traveling so you need the correct 53 bank phone number. Yes, the back of your card might list a number but it’s hard to see. Also, maybe you lost your card, so you don’t currently have the Fifth Third Bank contact number. No matter what the reason, we are going to explore how to contact Fifth Third Bank in this article.

  • How to Call Fifth Third Bank?
  • How to Email Fifth Third Bank?
  • How to chat online with a Fifth Third Bank representative?

How to Call Fifth Third Bank  

Customer service calls are annoying. You will have to pick multiple options to get to the department that you are seeking within the diverse Fifth Third Bank system. You might be left on hold for an extended time period and even start to grow frustrated. Also, if you do not call during business hours, it is not uncommon to be shuffled to a department that you know nothing about. Here are a few helpful contact numbers that might make your call easier so you can gain answers from customer service. If you are still struggling to reach a person and obtain the answers you need, we can help.

Telephone Numbers for Fifth Third Bank

5th 3rd Customer Service Number: 1-866-671-5353 is the number listed as their main contact number if you would like to speak with an advisor about their services or products.

Customer Service Number: -1-800-972-3030 is listed as the number for customer inquiries. Unlike other banks, they do not offer 24-hour customer service. Fifth Third customer service hours are  7 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday and from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Saturdays. This number also serves as the fifth third dispute number if you have a problem.

Business Inquiries and Information: 1-800-534-2264

Commercial Information: 1-866-475-0729

Investor Relations: 1-866-670-0468. Unlike many banks. Fifth Third Bank does offer an email address for their investor relations ir@53.com

Insurance Reimbursement Information: 1-899-972-3030. Representatives are available from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday ET or from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Saturdays.

Hardship Loan: If you are having a difficult time paying your mortgage, credit cards or other loans with Fifth Third Bank then you’ll want to contact them at 866-601-6391. They are available from  8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET Monday through Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. When calling the hardship loan line, they ask you to pick from the following.

Press 1 for second mortgage or equity loan information

Press 2 for first mortgage information

Press 3 for credit card information

Press 4 for auto loans, including motorcycles, power sports, RV, and boat loans

Scheduling an Appointment with Fifth Third Bank Online 

Fifth Bank does offer an online service where you can schedule an appointment at your local branch to discuss a variety of issues. The appointment scheduling site is an independent third-party service that the bank contracts with for scheduling.

At the scheduling site, you can choose to book 60-minute appointments about:

  • Personal banking and services
  • Personal borrowing
  • Business banking and services
  • Business banking lending
  • Buying a home

Once you make your choice, you’ll be asked to use your computer’s location services so that they can locate a Fifth Third Bank close to your vicinity to schedule a local appointment.

How to Contact Fifth Third Bank Using Chat

Sadly, at this time Fifth Third Bank does not offer the convenience of online chat. However, existing customers do have the option of signing in and sending a message to a customer service representative. Perhaps at a future date, Fifth Third will offer online chat for their customers or those interested in learning more about their services.

Contacting the Fifth Third Bank via Social Media

Even though Fifth Third Bank might seem to lag in modern conveniences like online chat, they do have a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. You can contact them via the sites. When reaching out to Fifth Third on social media, do not offer too much information such as account numbers or addresses. Instead, you can request that a customer service representative from Fifth Third contacts you.

Fifth Third Bank Address

Many customers are dismayed to learn that Fifth Third Bank does not offer a customer service email. However, you can snail mail all Fifth Third branches. Below you’ll find the main Fifth Third bank address that you might find helpful.

General Correspondence to Corporate Headquarters

Fifth Third Center

38 Fountain Square Plaza

Cincinnati, OH 45263

Okay, are none of these contact options working? Now what?

If you cannot get ahold of Fifth Third Bank’s customer service by calling, emailing, or chatting online then here are a few other options that might put you in touch with the right department or person you are seeking. If you plan on filing a claim against Fifth Third, let us help you file a claim so you can avoid the hassle of phone calls, emails, and long, drawn-out chat logs.

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