Lawsuits against Google Nest

Lawsuits against Google Nest

Google Nest is a provider of smartphone products ranging from thermostats to routers, streaming devices, and their most popular, security systems that include smart doorbells, smart locks, and cameras. But no matter how big a name Google, and subsequently Google Nest, might be, they still have their consumer complaints.

In this article, we pull together the legal actions and lawsuits taken against Google Nest from the last few years.

Are lawsuits allowed against Google Nest?

This seems like a simple question, but the answer isn’t. Yes, technically lawsuits against Google Nest are possible, but no you likely can’t file one if you are their customer. Most service providers, even home security providers, have special language in their contracts that prohibit their customers (you, in this case) from suing them if something goes wrong.

But, that doesn’t mean you are left hanging. You can file a lawsuit against Google Nest in small claims court or use consumer arbitration.

We are biased, but consumer arbitration is a much easier, more convenient way to make Google Nest accountable when they make a mistake.

What is a class action lawsuit?  Can I file one against Google Nest?

A class action lawsuit is a type of legal suit taken by a group, or class, or people who all have the same issue with the company. If a big enough group has the same issue, they can start a lawsuit which allows other people who have the same issue to join.

The problem is, the wording in your contract as a customer of Google Nest prohibits you from joining an ongoing class action lawsuit or starting one yourself.

Here at FairShake, we are reinventing the Google Nest lawsuit process. Complaints against the company are lodged regularly and they typically have to do with the same issues, and many consumers want to know what legal rights they have when they have Google Nest issues.

Rather than trying for the class action lawsuit, which isn’t always successful, and isn’t even an option for most customers, let us help. We will file a personalized legal document against them and help guide you through the next steps.

As a Google Nest customer, what options do I have for a lawsuit?

There are a lot of ways you can file a claim against Google Nest for common issues. Many people, for example, lodge official complaints with the BBB so that others are made aware of what problem was caused and what was (or, in most cases, wasn’t) done to fix it. If the issue is financial, you can always file a dispute with your bank.

But what about other issues? Legally, you have two options:

  1. First, you can sue Google Nest in small claims court. However, this can take months, requires you to fill out a lot of paperwork and follow meticulous steps for serving the company. What’s more, you have to go to a court hearing after, and pay fees.
  2. Second, you can do everything much more comfortably from home. With consumer arbitration, you get to present your case before a neutral third party, the arbitrator. This is an option spelled out for you in your contract and the arbitrator can choose to force Google Nest to compensate you and solve the issue. We at Fair Shake help you by making this process simple and convenient.

Recent and Notable Google Nest Lawsuits

Class Action: Defective Thermostat

In 2014, Google Nest was hit with a class action lawsuit that claimed their newest thermostat product didn’t accurately measure temperature.

From Top Class Actions:

The class action lawsuit alleges that despite the defendant’s assertions that Nest will lead to energy savings, the device actually increases energy use because it cannot correctly gauge a room’s ambient temperature.


The class action lawsuit alleges breach of express and implied warranty, breach of the implied warranty of merchantability, violations of California’s false advertising law and other claims. 

However, the arbitration clause in Google Nest’s contract kept this class action from going very far:

That clause requires any relevant claim to be heard via arbitration rather than in court.


It also waives the claimant’s right to class action litigation.


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