How to understand your cable bill from Mediacom

We explain how to read your Mediacom bill, understand it, and what you can do about things when errors appear.

Understanding your bill can be difficult and tedious. The last thing we want you to do is spend countless hours laboring over your bill. Don’t fret! We are here to guide you on how to make sense of your cable bill from Mediacom and the resources available if your billing statement remains unclear.


Step-by-step guide to understanding your cable bill

Accessing your bill

There are three ways you can view your Mediacom invoice. This can be done online, by mail or through the app. Be sure to have your username and password ready to gain access if you are viewing the invoice online. There are a couple of things you should keep in mind when reviewing your bill. If it is your first bill, it will be higher than your next bill for a number of reasons.

  1. Mediacom charges for the first full month of service in advance. (Therefore the second month’s service is normally included in this bill.)
  2. If you begin service during the middle of the month, then there is a prorated charge for the time when your service was active. Remember that you should be charged only for when the plan or feature was active on this account.
  3. There are also one-time charges included in this statement. Some examples include equipment purchases, equipment shipping and handling, activation and installation fees.

What your bill includes

The first page of the bill will list the itemized details for the account. Included in this page is your account number and PIN number which you should retain for your records. You will also find important messages and reminders on this page.

Typically, the second page of your invoice will contain the following:

  1. Billing Details: This is a detailed breakdown of the summary of the charges.
  2. Account Details: This is the previous balance and amount that has been paid.
  3. Bundled Services: This section lists the monthly charges for the services offered under the bundled package you opted for.
  4. Individual Services: This is the monthly charge for services that aren’t included in the bundled package. Some examples include additional equipment or premium channels, that aren’t part of your bundled package.
  5. Partial Month Activity: This section lists the partial month charges or credits for services added or dropped during the billing cycle. Since Mediacom bills in advance, these changes made after your bill has been generated will capture the partial month service for that month. This should be a pro rata charge.
  6. One Time Charges and Credits: This section details one time charges and credits during the current bill period. Some examples include Video on Demand and Pay Per View Charges.
  7. Taxes and Fees: This section captures the amount taken for taxes and fees that are collected on behalf of the local, state, and federal government.

If your bill is still unclear, there’s more you can do

Contact Mediacom Using Their Chat Tool

The chat tool may speed up the process of getting support rather than waiting on long hold times.

Tweet Mediacom @mediacomsupport or contact Mediacom through their Facebook page

Unfortunately, sometimes a public complaint brings quicker results.

MediaCom also offers the option to schedule a time for them to call you.

Go to Dashboard > Schedule a time for us to call you > Fill in the most convenient time.

Review old billing statements

It may be helpful to review your old billing statements if you notice a discrepancy. Simply sign on to Mediacom.

Ok, none of that worked, now what?

If you’re still not getting what you deserve out of Mediacom customer service at your wit’s end and need to bring out the big guns, let us help you file a claim.

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