How to contact Mediacom Customer Service

There’s more than one way to contact Mediacom. And if they don’t listen you have options…

In this technology-reliant world, it’s almost essential to have internet and phone service. When you experience a disruption in service, it can impact you in multiple ways. Not only that, but for many households, the cable bill is a large expense. When spending such a considerable amount of money per year, you expect service that works and the ability to have your concerns addressed when it doesn’t. Unfortunately, cable and phone companies aren’t known for their excellent customer service.

Customers experiencing issues with their Mediacom service have several different contact methods to choose from. While calling Mediacom’s customer support phone number is the main way to receive customer service, customers can also have a call scheduled, receive support through text messages or the live chat, and reach out on social media. If one method doesn’t get you results, it’s recommended to try another.

Calling Mediacom’s Customer Support

Although there’s a dedicated Mediacom customer service phone number, there are a few different numbers for customers to try. Regardless of which number you attempt, you can make the process slightly less difficult by being prepared with your account information, a brief description of the problem you’re having, and a little bit of patience. Although dealing with your cable company is one of the more frustrating life experiences, it’s in your best interest to be as polite as possible.

  • Main Number: (855) 633-4226 is the main customer service phone number. It’s recommended to try this number first.
  • Alternate Number: Another customer service phone line can be reached at (844) 274-6753.
  • Corporate Number: It’s always recommended to attempt other numbers before going with the corporate option. You can reach Mediacom’s corporate office by calling (845) 443-2600. This is not a customer service number — you may receive a hostile response for using it as such.
  • Schedule a CallMediacom’s contact page gives customers the option to schedule a call for later.
  • Text: Customers can text 66554 to receive free text support. This is typically recommended for simpler concerns, as it can be difficult to describe complicated concerns over text. However, this is an excellent option for Mediacom consumers who are dealing with service outages and have limited service.

When speaking with a customer service representative, it’s recommended to have either a pen and paper or something to type with. You should always ask for a confirmation number or for a receipt to be e-mailed to you. If you’re given a confirmation number, immediately write it down. If you’re told to talk to someone in particular or to call a different number, make sure to take down that information, too.

Messaging Mediacom’s Customer Support

Calling Mediacom’s customer service phone line isn’t the only option consumers have. When venturing online for customer support, consumers can either e-mail Mediacom’s customer care team or utilize the customer service chat option available on the Mediacom website. When choosing either option, it’s recommended to save copies of any correspondence.

  • Consumers can reach Mediacom’s customer service team at totalcare@mediacomcc.com. E-mail gives customers the ability to describe their concerns in detail. When dealing with a complicated issue, it can be helpful to list the various steps you’ve taken so far, along with any customer support you’ve received.
  • Whether you’re using the email address you used to sign-up for Mediacom’s service or not, include your account information in the body of your email. Such information includes the email address associated with the account, your name and the name associated with the account, and the account number, if available.
  • Mediacom offers a live chat for existing customers. To access the live chat, make sure that you’re signed into your Mediacom account while visiting Mediacom’s contact page. Using the live chat can be one of the faster ways to contact customer support. You may have to interact with a virtual assistant before being assigned a live customer service representative.

Mediacom’s Social Media Customer Support

Customers are also able to contact customer support by reaching out on social media. Mediacom maintains several active social media accounts, including a Facebook page and two different Twitter accounts. Mediacom customer care agents are available on social media Monday through Friday from 7 A.M. to 11:30 P.M. and weekends from 7 A.M. to 9:30 P.M.

  • Facebook: Mediacom customers can message Mediacom’s customer support through Facebook messenger, post on Mediacom’s visitor wall, or post on one of Mediacom’s recent public posts. Even when posting a public message, it’s recommended to send a private one, as well. Typically, Mediacom’s customer care team responds to messages within a couple of hours.
  • Twitter: Mediacom has two active Twitter accounts. Their main account, @MediacomCable, is mostly used for announcements, news, and marketing. Mediacom also has a dedicated customer support Twitter, @MediacomSupport. Like with Facebook, customers can either post publicly or privately.

When Mediacom Doesn’t Listen, FairShake Does

Dealing with your cable company can leave you drained and feeling like you’re out of options. While your legal options may be limited, you’re not out of luck. Although the contract you signed with Mediacom may prevent you from filing a traditional lawsuit or joining a class-action lawsuit against them, you may be able to them to small claims court or file a consumer arbitration claim.

Filing a claim for arbitration isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds. While taking a company to small claims court requires a lot of time and effort, you can file a claim for arbitration from the comfort of your home. In addition, filing a claim is entirely free, so you’re able to bypass the expensive legal bills associated with other legal options. With FairShake, you don’t go through the process alone. FairShake takes care of the complicated paperwork. If you’re interested in filing a complaint against Mediacom, you can start now.

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