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Net 10 Wireless 5G Slower than Promised

Did your phone provider lie about 5G speeds and access? You may be able to claim compensation, and our team can help you.

Is your Net 10 wireless 5G slower than promised? We highlight what steps you can take to get compensation.

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What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks. It is said to have higher performance and efficiency to connect users and industries across multiple devices. The idea behind 5G is that this network is preparing for future technology needs including high data gaming on mobile devices as well as things like virtual reality. But are the high-speed everything they claim to be?

Net10 and 5G

Net10 Wireless is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator which means when you get a prepaid plan through Net10 Wireless, the company itself doesn’t own any 5G Towers but instead bounce your signal off the networks available based on your location which could include AT&T Towers, Verizon towers, or T-Mobile towers. Net10 Wireless is owned by TracFone and TracFone does not currently offer 5G coverage however, there are plans for Verizon Wireless to acquire TracFone and subsequently to acquire Net10 Wireless in 2021 which could change 5G limitations quickly. 

What Net10 promised for their 5G service

Net10 encourages you to “live your best wireless life” with exceptional coverage. They let you search for things like 5G based on your location.

The prices are based on the amount of “unlimited” data you want. All of the plans are allegedly unlimited with the only limitations associated with your speed.

For example: if you buy the 5gb plan that is unlimited talk, text, and data, it is $35 per month and you get 5gb at high speeds but once you exceed 5gb it drops to a 2G network. This applies to all the plans such that even if you pay for the super unlimited plan, their most expensive and comprehensive, at some point they will throttle your data.

While none of these plans explicitly have the terms 5G in them, the company does advertise that you can enjoy 5G access where it is available. 

In terms of prices and deals, they encourage people to upgrade to compatible iPhone 12 models or Samsung Galaxy s20 models that support 5G under the auspices that upgrading your phone can help you capitalize on 5G networks in your area. They offer deals such as the lease to own transactions where you can purchase a refurbished phone for 1 low monthly payment but that also requires that you sign up for a contract with their company. If you want to keep your own phone they make it very clear that you can do so and enjoy “nationwide 4G” coverage.

The Reality of Net10 Services

Upgrade Problems

The BBB has hundreds of complaints against Net10, most of them having to do with ordering upgraded phones through the website and never receiving them, receiving phones that didn’t work, or receiving phones that broke very quickly. 

FairShake customers have had similar problems. As one customer explained, “There service guarantees a certain level of service in my area as 4G however I never get anything above 1 bar, which isn’t 4G. Also I enrolled in my rewards and jumped through there hoops to build points however I’m not properly credited after doing reward actions a total of over 2000 points to date and there website AI does not list my correct activity leaving me at fault. There phones are cheat and crack screens and faulty phones happen in days with no damage or drops physically almost as if they are REFURBISHED. When I add data cards and or phone cards for service it gives me error message saying there was a problem adding my Pin/ add-on-card/service-card) and delays my service to delay hours at times even with proper instructions. It days originally will only take 5 minutes.”

Coverage Problems

The reality is that some customers upgrade their phones thinking they will automatically get 5G access but then find out later that where they live has limited 5G access from any of the top carriers.

Struggling with Net10 Service?

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If you take out a Net10 contract, any potential 5G coverage you have access to is going to be based on the towers in your area. your cell signal will bounce among whichever towers are nearest your location which could mean that at any given time you are able to access somewhat faster 5G speeds for downloads from Verizon Wireless or very slow speeds from an AT&T tower.

Below is the coverage map for Verizon:

Map of Verizon 5G coverage

Below is the coverage map for AT&T:

AT&T Map of 5G Coverage

Below is the coverage map for T-Mobile:

T-Mobile Map of 5G Service

The BBB has a rating of 1 out of 5 stars for Net10.

What you can do if your 5G is slower than promised

It’s possible that you can get compensation from Net10 if your 5G service or device is not what was promised to you when you purchased it. Let our expert team help you submit a claim and win. Tell us what happened below.

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