Lawsuits against Protect America

Curious what lawsuits against Protect America have taken place? Want to know what legal options you have when dealing with a complaint against Protect America? We explain that and more.

Note: Protect America was acquired by Brinks Home Security on July 9, 2020.

Lawsuits against Protect America

Protect America is a well-known home security provider. They are also one of the largest targets for consumer complaints. In this article we review the lawsuits and the legal actions that have been taken against the company and help you learn what that means for you.

Are lawsuits against Protect America allowed?

The answer is a bit complicated. Technically lawsuits are allowed but only under specific circumstances and if you are a customer, those circumstances don’t apply to you.

Your user agreement as a customer contains language in most cases that says you’re not allowed to sue Protect America in most circumstances. However, if you have a problem with the company and they just aren’t working to fix it, you will always have the option to take Protect America to small claims court or use consumer arbitration.

Here at Fair Shake we are biased. But we know consumer arbitration is typically the better solution for you. It’s also the one that we can help you achieve.

What is a class action lawsuit? Can I file a class action lawsuit against Protect America?

A class action lawsuit is a type of lawsuit taken against a company by a group of people. It only works if a lot of people have the same complaint against the company.

The problem is, your user agreement prevents you from latching onto someone else’s class action lawsuit against Protect America, let alone file your own.

Here at FairShake, we are reinventing the Protect America lawsuit process. Complaints against Protect America are quite common and many users have the same questions about what their legal rights are when the company has done something wrong and won’t fix it. Rather than pursuing a class-action lawsuit, which you probably can’t even do legally, we will file a personalized legal document with the company, and then will guide you through the process of consumer arbitration

As a Protect America customer, what options do I have for a lawsuit?

There are a few ways to file a claim against Protect America if you have a problem with them.  For example, you can report them to the BBB or go through your bank if it is a financial issue. But when it comes to legal solutions, you can do two things:

  • You can sue Protect America in small claims court, but that requires a lot of detailed paperwork, multiple trips to the court house, a court hearing, and small claims court fees.
  • You can pursue consumer arbitration from the comfort of your home. Consumer arbitration is laid out in your user agreement with the company and it is an alternative to court. It lets you make your case to an independent arbitrator (who functions like a judge), who is able to force Protect America to fix the problem and compensate you. We at Fair Shake help you by making this process simple and convenient.

Recent and Notable Protect America Lawsuits

Class Action: TCPA Violation for Sending Unsolicited Texts

Protect America is facing a class action lawsuit for routinely sending unsolicited texts to customers and using robocalls in direct violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The claim is that the company “routinely and as a matter of practice” sent unsolicited texts to consumers and placed them on automatically dialed calls.

One woman complained that she was received advertisements for a free Amazon Dot giveaway and additional equipment even though “[The plaintiff] had no relationship with Protect America and did not know why she received a message purporting to be from Protect America,” the complaint reads, and “[The plaintiff] had not provided her number to Protect America, nor did [the plaintiff] solicit or seek out the messages she received.”

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